And Your Winner Is…..

Stock Picking Game 2017-18   If you can recall, a while back now, that I created a stock picking game where there were 10 players. Each player was able to pick any stock they wanted and also another stock that had a microcap under 300 Million. There were some other rules and if you would… Read More »

Half Year Net Worth – June 2018

Half Yearly Net Worth – June 2018 I did say I was going to still do some posts on my Net Worth. It’s very slow moving and it’s going to take quite the hit once all the wedding has been paid. It’s gonna hurt! But all for a good cause. Looking to increase my forward… Read More »

I Challenge You!

Well Well Well. It has been quite a while since I last posted here, don’t worry, I am still alive and well. Just a lot has been happening recently. Where to start? Wedding planning is going well. My Grandpa went to hospital, was told he had less than a day to live but is alive… Read More »

April 2018 – Net Worth Update

Monthly Net Worth Update – April 2018   Well…. it’s been a long time. I’ve been super busy with my new job I haven’t really had time to focus on the blog. Long story short, not much happened in March. Paying for stuff for the wedding slowly, settling in at the new job. No dividends… Read More »

February 2018 – Net Worth Update

Monthly Net Worth Update – February 2018   I’m getting really slack with these updates. I really need to get organised more with these. So February saw me looking at a venue for our wedding that we might be having later in the year so that’s exciting. Saving money for it and hopefully cashing out… Read More »

Net Worth Update – January 2018

Monthly Net Worth Update – January 2018   It’s a new year and so much has happened already. I am a little late with this report… almost 3 weeks. But I have been very busy. So busy in fact that I am now ENGAGED! My girlfriend and I were over in Melbourne for the past… Read More »

6 Bitcoin Stories You Probably Haven’t Heard

6 Bitcoin Stories You Probably Haven’t Heard   Price of Bitcoin at time of press is $11,580 USD. I will use this figure to compare values for this article. Do you know how much your $1000 would be worth now if you invested in 2017? Find out here and another article here.     One… Read More »

Investing $1000 in 2017 Revisited – Part 2

If You Invested $1000 At The Start of Last Year (2017)….   PART 1   As we all know the modern crypto investing scene is pretty crazy at the moment. It seems like some coins are blowing up and some aren’t. We will take a look at a $1000 investment into crypto. What is the… Read More »

Yearly Wrap Up – December Net Worth – 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – December 2017 See My January net Worth Update Here See My February net Worth Update Here See My March Net Worth Update Here See My April Net Worth Update Here See My May Net Worth Update Here See My June Net Worth Update Here See My July Net Worth Update Here See… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Year To Date Performance – Live Sheet

A Year To Date Live Performance of the Top 150 Crypto Coins   I created the automatically updating crpytocurrency Google Sheet using CryptoFinance. I took the top 150 coins as of the 31st December 2017 and added them to a Google Sheet. I then used the CryptoFinance to pull the current price of all crypto, then… Read More »