Net Worth Update – End of 2016

My Net Worth – End of 2016 Calendar Year Hello everyone again, I am writing to you today to give a Net Worth Update of sorts, even though I haven’t actually given a net worth update to this website before, I have been tracking my net worth for the past 6 months. As I have… Read More »

3 High Growth Shares On My Watchlist

3 High Growth Shares for Long Term Hold on my Watchlist It seems most people are after a quick fix or easy money when it comes to their portfolio. I’m not looking for money right now, I’m looking for high growth for the long term. That is my goal. For me, I want my shares… Read More »

Stock Portfolio Live

My Current Portfolio for 2017 is available for viewing I know my portfolio is quite small and no where near where other people’s portfolio is in terms of total wealth, but I am building slowly. Please remember that I have only started to invest since October 2016. I plan to continue to invest to increase… Read More »

New Year, New Goals – 2017 Goals

New Year Goals – 2017 Financial Goals Hi all, seems like every man and his dog are writing what goals they want to achieve in the next year and what better time or place to do that than right here, right now. So this post will talk about my financial goals for 2017. I have… Read More »

Another Purchase – [ASX:RBO] – Robo 3D

Robo 3D Share Purchase – What Is a Fair Price? Price when writing article: ASX:RBO = 0.135. Current Price: . I remember when I was a young child my parents always taught me that double dipping was not an ok thing to do. Now that I am older, double dipping in food terms is still not… Read More »

My First Purchase – [ASX:AIZ] – Air New Zealand

Why I bought Air New Zealand as my First Stock At the time of posting, ASX:AIZ are 2.09. Current value:  Well, I finally purchased my first stock…. ok so this is a little in retrospect, seeming I have already bought this in October and I’m only just now posting it. I’ve also made another post… Read More »

Welcome to Buy Hold Long

Hello to you and welcome to my website, buy, hold long. My name is Caleb and I am new to the investment game. I have only been investing since October 2016 where I have bought my first shares. Typically, I look for a high dividend yield (if possible) and then I also look for growth.… Read More »