November 2019 Net Worth (+3.26%)

Not a huge amount to report this month. I am going to be slightly under the 100k mark for Net Worth for the year. It’s a shame because the 100k mark is pretty big milestone for me. But will get it early next year by the looks of things. My goal was for a lot… Read More »

October 2019 Net Worth (+2.46%)

Funnily enough, I recently commented on someones Tweet saying that backing up data is important. Less than a week later, my PC dies….. Karma was out to get me because I didn’t backup my info. Well luckily it was a minor hardware issue that I fixed for $15. Back in business now. Dividends Paid in… Read More »

September 2019 Net Worth (+1.28%)

Dividends Received September 2018 – $64.32Dividends Received September 2019 – $98.49 Passive Income Made – September 2019 Adsense- $2.42AdMob – $4.34Dividends – $98.49Etsy – $2.82 TOTAL – $108.07 Visit my new website that I try to discuss the Australian stock market, high yielding stocks and general investment and compounding interest topics. Blue Ship Australia. Net… Read More »

August 2019 Net Worth (+1.00%)

Dividends Received August 2018 – $23.71Dividends Received August 2019 – $38.32Increase – 63.7% Passive Income Made – August 2019 Adsense (Website) – $4.61AdMob (Apps) – $2.68Dividends – $38.82Etsy – $9.15 TOTAL – $55.26 Net worth increased slightly due to more of the home loan being paid off. Assets actually dropped a little as the stock… Read More »

July 2019 Net Worth (+5.59%)

Dividends Received July 2018 – $38.69Dividends Received July 2019 – $57.70 Passive Income Made Earned:Adsense (Website) – $8.26AdMob (Apps) – $2.72Dividends – $57.70Etsy – $24.90 TOTAL – $93.58 Cash saved and invested. Cashed in some annual leave and our shares have performed well recently. I was able to purchase more WAM Leaders (top companies in… Read More »

June 2019 Net Worth (+5.40%)

Dividends Received June 2018 – $0.00Dividends Received June 2019 – $6.37 Passive Income Made Earned:Adsense (Website) – $12.77AdMob (Apps) – $3.98Dividends – $6.37Etsy – $20.87 TOTAL – $43.99 Net Worth at an all time high now. Thanks to the markets and a little bit invested wow. This was my goal for the end of the… Read More »

Passive Income Via Etsy – Part 2

In this video, I want to talk about how to set up your images in Etsy to look good and hopefully get you some sales. I also talk about how to upload your item as a digital passive item and make some money. Take a look.

Passive Income Via Etsy – Part 1

Hi guys, another video. I wanted to create a small series of videos about passive income. This will be Part 1 of setting up your Etsy Account and how to do some quick research into what to sell. Take a look and let me know. Oh yea and be sure to SUBSCRIBE!

Business Update – Growth-a-plenty

This is a little different than what I usually post. Unfortunately, I can’t include exact figures as it is confidential information. But what I can do is use percent figures and you can figure out the rest! In Australia our tax year is starting July and ending last day of June. Therefore, we are coming… Read More »