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Hello to you and welcome to my website, buy, hold long.

My name is Caleb and I am new to the investment game. I have only been investing since October 2016 where I have bought my first shares. Typically, I look for a high dividend yield (if possible) and then I also look for growth. Most online brokers have some excellent tools on how to use this and I may bring a tutorial on how I search for mine specifically if that peaks anyone’s interest.

I am a graduate civil engineer living in South Australia with a little bit of disposable income. I am typically used to living by myself or with room mates, and living on a tight Uni budget. Living away from home to study taught me some valuable skills in life and also my future financial independence. I learnt to live well below my means, if that means not eating out with friends, then that’s what I did. My friends would go out for dinner, drink plenty of beer and then wonder at the end of the week where their money went…. it’s pretty simple but some people just don’t see it like that.

Now some people will call me a tight arse, a cheapskate, a money horder etc etc. and maybe I am a little bit. The way I see this, and I do this everyday, if I think to myself, maybe I’ll bring lunch to work today instead of getting subway. Saving that $10 on a sub means another $10 of shares I can buy. That excites me… is that lame? Yes. Is it dorky? Yes. Is it a means to an end? Also yes.

If I can save extra money and put that towards my retirement, then sure, now I’m $10 closer to retiring. Go me!

Well enjoy the blog, be sure to comment on my useless ramblings. Stay, enjoy and discuss.


15 thoughts on “Welcome to Buy Hold Long

  1. Happy to have found another investing blog. Look forward to following you on your dividend growth/investing journey. Just be careful of buying unsafe high yield. I know yields can be tempting but they often disappoint over the long run.

    1. Thanks for the advice DivHut.
      I am only new to investing so I appreciate the comments. Be sure to check back every now and then for future updates. I would like to be very active with this blog.
      Appreciate your comments. Thanks

  2. Welcome to the community BHL! You passion and journey sounds very much in line with what the two of us are trying to do on our website. Hey, that extra $10 can go a long way and each additional $10 you save adds up quickly…you’ll see the impact once the consistent dividend checks start rolling in. Looking forward to following along and getting to know you throughout this journey!


  3. Welcome to the club lol. Lots of good advice out there but also do your homework. I see you bought a Nz company I own 2 of them Chrry and spkky I think spark. Good luck in your endeavors.

  4. Welcome to the community! Always nice to see a new blog getting started with similar goals and objectives. You’re right by saving $10 a week that adds up over time. In a year you have saved over $500 and by investing it to work for you, now its making you even more money. Can’t beat that logic.

  5. BHL, saw your blog on The Wannabe Investor, another Aussie blogger here and great to read about the start of your journey! Looking forward to following along the way and keeping each other motivated

    Cheers and keep on keeping on!

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