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Stock Portfolio Live

My Current Portfolio for 2017 is available for viewing

I know my portfolio is quite small and no where near where other people’s portfolio is in terms of total wealth, but I am building slowly. Please remember that I have only started to invest since October 2016. I plan to continue to invest to increase my total net worth and to also provide addition income in the form of dividends.

While this is a steep learning curve for me, I can definitely see some mistakes I have made. I intend to hold onto these shares well beyond my retirement (30+ years) so the day to day market fluctuations do not bother me too much. I am more concerned with overall potential growth over those 30 years.

My Current Holdings as of January 4th 2017

Air New Zealand – ASX:AIZ – [stock_quote symbol=”ASX:AIZ”]
I bought Air New Zealand because I really liked the low cost I was able to get and also the potential for future growth in the next 5-10 years. New Zealand has a growing tourist population over the years and run most domestic flights within NZ. I believe with their new fleet of airplanes and New Zealand Government backing (51% owned by NZ Gov) they will be a long term growth share for me.

Vocus Communications – ASX:VOC – [stock_quote symbol=”ASX:VOC”]
This is my biggest mistake so far. I fell for the trick of “trying to catch a falling knife” as they call it. I thought the share price had dropped enough for this share. I was wrong. It has continued to fall for quite some time but seems to be slowly making a come back. This is a very high growth stock for the next 30 years so I am willing to wait to hold long on this one.

Robo 3D – ASX:RBO – [stock_quote symbol=”ASX:RBO”]
Robo 3D is a new startup company that was actually founded in California via the website kickstarter. They are two college graduates who were frustrated with the availability of 3D machines and their prices. So they started their own company. While they have just listed, the float price (IPO Price) was quite low, I beleive and I believe they will continue their growth for years to come.


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7 thoughts on “Stock Portfolio Live

  1. We all have to start somewhere. I had only one stock when I first started investing and knew nothing about the stock or investing in general. You seem to be in much better shape than I was when I started.

    I think it’s cool that you added a live portfolio to your blog, I might look into doing the same at some point.

  2. Hi BHL,
    Looking forward to watching your portfolio grow. Everyone has to start from somewhere; what’s most important is that you started building your future.
    Best wishes,

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