18 thoughts on “Why You Should Check Your Retirement Now

  1. It all adds up so I think it’s definitely worth making the right steps now. We are one of the industry superfunds and may change over to another soon perhaps (slightly cheaper and much cheaper if we want to directly invest in ASX shares).


    1. Thanks Tristan. Be sure to use the links I provided (no kick back for me) as they are quite good for comparing Super companies. I have gone for a big 4 bank super as it’s secure and insurances are quite cheap. Cheers

  2. Fees are ridiculous and are one of the biggest drains on investment returns. For me, I’m sticking my money in Index Funds by Vanguard (0.16% in fees per year). Unless you are truly beating the market, which most funds aren’t able to, it is good to just invest in a basket of stocks and securities which “mimic” the market.

    That being said, I’m definitely interested in looking into dividend stocks and trying to build up an income portfolio. That might be a few years out though as Real Estate is on my mind and wallet currently.

    Nice post and best of luck in 2017.

  3. If you invest the money you save into dividend-paying stocks, over 40 years you will have saved much more than you calculated!

    Good job investigating the fund managers! Just imagine how many investors don’t do it and just fork over the fees automatically!

    FerdiS, DivGro

  4. Great job with investigating your retirement account. Investment fees add up over time, and often company 401k or retirement plans don’t have the best options available for their employees. I wrote about something similar on my blog not too long ago if you want to check it out.

    For my retirement accounts, I’m mainly invested in passive index funds and ETFs because of the low costs, although I do have a High Dividend Yield ETF with Vanguard which holds a bunch of shares of dividend companies here in the US. I don’t invest too much in individual stocks, though, but I might do so at some point in the future.

  5. Fees totally add up which is why I love passive investing in ETFs and index funds. The ETF race to the bottom has been so good for investors as you have many financial institutions offering ETFs that have a fee under .1% which is nuts. I also have some great options in my 401k with funds that cost nearly 0% to own.

  6. Fees, fees, fees, and more fees! I don’t know how you do it. I’m charged virtually nothing for my work retirement account and on my personal self guided I only pay a simple trade fee. Sounds like your money would be much better off elsewhere if possible.

  7. Each year, I look at my return and compare it to my benchmark. Then, I make the calculation to make sure I’m on track with my retirement plan. Being on track is more important than beating my benchmark though 😉

  8. Glad to see you looking into funds and fees. It will help save money in the long run. I agree with some of the others, my company does not give me good options as far as funds go. So I keep with the lowest fees that can match the market so I still reap the tax benefits of the 401k. However, in my taxable account, I only buy individual dividend stocks. You pay a one time fee for the trade and then can sit on it for 40 years of growth for free with no extra fees.

  9. Biggest problem I noticed at 401k plans at my older jobs were they only had funds that fees were 1%+ because the broker promised lower costs to the employer, in reality we are paying more in the end. My latest employer, we convinced to switch to Vanguard and we had access to all the funds with low fees. It really pays off in the end.

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