Net Worth – January 2017 Update

Monthly Net Worth Update – January 2017

Well its been a good month for me so far. Luckily for me here in Australia we are a little ahead in time compared to you folk from the USA. That being said, I hope I can be one of the first to get my net worth out. Overall, I have had a great month of savings and investing, I’m hoping this can stay fluid over the next year or so to boost my overall net worth, month on month.

Without further ado, here is my net worth for the end of January 2017. I’ll give a breakdown in the section below.

Net worth update january 2017

Figure 1: Total Net Worth January 2017.


Stock Value:

Unfortunately, my stocks didn’t do too well, especially one, RBO. This lost 25% of it’s value, which isn’t much when  you realise the stock is trading at just 13.5c when I purchased and is now roughly around the 10c mark. I am still bullish on this so no need to panic sell for me. Like I have stated before, I am not planning to sell anytime soon, I am a Buy and Hold Long kinda guy!

New Stock Purchase:

I made a post about this, I bought $1304.10 worth of an Australian REIT called Arena REIT. Check out the post if you would like to see more on it.


Not much to say, was able to stash some cash away towards a deposit for my first home. This will be used at some point in the near future year or two.


This also increased due to my employer contributions. I am not currently adding to this. My employer adds an extra 9.5% on top of my wage into this account.


This depreciated as expected. This is a set amount from the Australian Government site that I used.

Total Assets:

This increased by 5.25% overall.



No added personal debts.


This was paid off in December as a last payment. Doesn’t that feel good?!


Our student loans are paid differently here in Australia. A little bit each pay (2 weeks) gets taken out of my wage and goes towards paying off student debt. I do not see this money leaving my account as it is taken via our tax system. This works well for me. This is slowly getting paid down but will take some time.

Total Debts:

Decrease of debts by 1.84% which is a good thing, we want a decrease in debts.


My net worth from December 31st 2016 to January 31st 2017 has increased by a whopping 16.61%. This is an increase of $3241.41 in the month to bring my total net worth up to $22,753.78.
Another increase, how good! Lets keep this train churning. Very happy with this, how is your January shaping up?

32 thoughts on “Net Worth – January 2017 Update

    1. Hi Erik, I’m trying for 50k by the end of 2017 but it will be close.
      The housing market varies drastically from city to city. Somewhere like Sydney is way out of my reach, you’d be lucky to get a place under a million. Where I’m looking places are roughly 400k or so. I’m looking for a fixer upper and a small deposit but not so small it puts a strain on my finances. Cheers.

  1. A very, very nice month indeed. Man you have no idea how jealous I am that you were able to pay off your car debt. How nice is it going to be to have that cash flow free again for investing or other income producing uses. You are really going to start seeing things push forward now. Just wait until you see your student loans fly out the door as well….


    1. In Australia, I can’t access this money till I’m 67 or so. If I take it out early I am taxed 49% on it. So I figure I could use the money elsewhere a little more liquid if something were to happen. Thanks

    1. The student loans are indexed by CPI in Australia. Which has been typically low for the past few years (<3%) so I am not concerned about the loan costs. You can pay off your student loan voluntarily for sure. I choose not to. Cheers

  2. Great work with the increase of net worth and congrats on paying off the car. That will help free up more cash flow for stock purchases or pay off other debt. I actually put my car in the liabilities category since it only costs me money (gas/ parts/ repairs/ etc) and decreases in value. But everyone calculates differently. As long as that net worth number is going up, your doing something right. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s quite interesting, I guess it could be classed as both really couldn’t it. I say it’s an asset as I could sell it. But then you’re right that asset costs you money so is it an asset or a liability? Cheers

      1. Yeah true, you can classify it as whatever you wish. For me, I just think in terms of cash flow. I define an asset as anything that either generates cash flow or increases in value. So stocks, bonds, rental properties generate income. And a house increases in equity or value. A car for the most part will never increase in value therefor a liability. However, it is kind of a necessity for most of us so there is a grey area.

        1. You make a very compelling point. My only reasoning to have it as an asset as it is (almost) liquid to me. I could sell it and get a cheaper car if needed and have some left over cash. But you make a good point, it is not an income producing asset.

          1. I agree. And without trying to get our conversation too lengthy here. I don’t know the circumstances behind your car, but as soon as you drive a car off the lot (if its new anyway), it immediately decreases in value probably by a few thousand. So when calculating its value, wouldn’t you value it at the price you can actually sell it for instead of the value you bought it for? Since I believe that is how net worth is calculated. Liquidate all assets against liabilities and give it a dollar figure. But that’s just my take. You do you haha. Keep up the good work!

          2. Thanks mate. I do actually depreciate the car every month according to our government website tools. This allows me to guesstimate what the value of the car is. It’s just a rough figure that helps with figures.

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