Blog Progress Report – January 2017

By | February 6, 2017

First Month In Review

Well that’s it, it has been one month in existence this blog. How good! I’m very excited to have been updating this one constantly and look forward to being active on here not only in the comments but in the production of high quality content for all to read. I hope you have all enjoyed my analysis and reviews on particular stocks and can get some insight into my reviewing methods. I am forever learning from new experiences and learning from others, so I really appreciate your comments and thoughts on my blog.

Cold Hard Stats

Without too much jibber jabber here are the cold hard stats for the first month I started tracing my internet traffic coming to my website. I have been using google analytics, and Awstats to track my progress. Take a look for youself, I believe the Awstats are incorrect as I doubt this website will be getting this much traction so early in it’s lifetime.

January Traffic Blog

January Traffic to Website – Google Analytics

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From this we can see that I was able to get almost 2300 page views to my website in the month. Overall, I was able to get on average 74 pageviews on any given day. Not bad for a blog that is in it’s infancy.

January 2017 Stats

January Stats – AWSTATS

Well, I kinda wish this was true. Imagine having a blog only one month old and you get well over 6000 unique visitors in that month! Now I do realise this is more than likely not accurate, but one can dream, right? Does anyone know why this is so far off?

Pageview Sources

January blog stats overview

Traffic Sources – Google Analytics

From the pie graph you can see that a majority of my traffic came from referrals, which is basically me commenting on other blogs which I love doing. Then direct, social and Organic Search. I want to increase this Organic Search pie by a lot towards the end of the year. More posts, more keywords.

Top Posts From My Blog

Well that is my month in review. How did you go?

29 thoughts on “Blog Progress Report – January 2017

  1. Erik @ The Mastermind Within

    Hey BHL, great month in January. You beat my site in page views 🙂 (2300 vs. 1600)

    Which social media platform has been better for you for driving traffic? Twitter or Facebook?

    Also, why are the Awstats much more different than Google Analytics, is it due to bot’s visiting?

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      I think it has to be the bots, its a huge difference. I’d much rather use Google. Twitter and stumble upon has been my better social media drivers.

  2. Stefan - The Millennial Budget

    Pretty high numbers for a new blog, good job! There are some reasons. One can be that some of those views are garbage views from spam sites which drove it up. Another could be that somebody big promoted your article and plenty people are checking you out. Based on your referral number I would say the latter happened. Just enjoy the journey and don’t worry too much about your views. I am basically starting over myself after a short break. Post good content, be active and people will find you 🙂 Looking forward to following.

  3. FerdiS

    That’s really promising for a new blog — keep up the good work and you’ll have lots of traffic to content with (enjoy!). Take care and happy investing.

    FerdiS, DivGro

  4. DivHut

    Time flies. before you know it you’ll be celebrating your one year anniversary. Congrats on some pretty impressive numbers for a very new blog. Always great to have another FI blog in the mix.

  5. Dividends Down Under

    Good job on your first month. 🙂 There is a chance it was bots, but whatever it is, as long as the numbers are tracking upwards then it’s all good!

    Using the Alexa rank could also be a good way of tracking progress.


  6. Brian

    Wow! I am definitely doing something wrong 🙂 Nice numbers. congrats on the good start. I will be watching to see how it is going. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      Thanks Brian, I am quite active on my blog, I try to reply to every comment as much as possible. I also do a lot of commenting on other blogs. Cheers

  7. DivGuy

    Hey BHL,
    I can see you are working very hard on your blog, congrats on the progress you made so far! You are right, google analytics stats are definitely closer to the reality :-). Still almost 1,000 visitors for the first month is quite an achievement!

    If you need help with anything, send me an email. I’ve been blogging since 2006 and I enjoy helping other bloggers!

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      Thanks Mike. I have been working hard to get this on its feet and try to get as many followers as possible. Appreciate the help. I will reach out when needed. Thanks again for the offer.

  8. Dividend Daze

    Congrats on your first month! Referrals help a lot to drive traffic. I don’t know If I have come across a blog in our community I haven’t seen you comment on haha. I love your transparency on your blog performance numbers. Especially since it is one of your goals, this will help you track it more easily and have a record. I look forward to seeing your numbers rise throughout the year.

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      I definitely try to make my comments worthy and not so spammy. I like reading what others are up to and try to contribute the best I can. I do have a lot of bookmarks of other blogs that I follow :). Cheers

  9. Dividend Diplomats

    Love the statistics and the way things are trending BHL. Also gotta say that I love seeing more checkmarks appear on the right side of your screen. Keep it up, keep commenting, and most importantly, keep producing great content and the views will follow!


  10. Mr. All Things Money

    BHL, these are pretty good numbers. My average is around 1200 unique pages per month and my blog has been around little over six months. I used to track them closely when I first started, but then I lost interest in keeping the count.

    I am a lazy blogger. I just blog when I feel like it or when I have something to write about. I also don’t get many referrals as I don’t comment whole a lot on other sites. I only comment on sites/blogs I like, including yours.

    So, keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      Appreciate the comment then! I too have started to lose interest in viewership and would rather put out quality content rather than quantity content like I have seen from certain other bloggers. Cheers

  11. DiligentDividend

    Reading this makes me feel sad. I’ve had my website for a year already and I’m not even hitting these kind of stats. Okay, enough with my self pitty. Those are some amazing numbers you are putting up! Keep up the amazing work man!


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