Holiday On A Budget

This Is How I Find My Holidays (Vacations) On A Budget

This will only be a short entry. I have a holiday (vacation) planned in late February and I cannot wait to go on this holiday. I have been waiting for this for quite some time. I have a nice week away in Indonesia, Bali to be exact.

Spending Money

One of the problems with holidays is not actually getting the tickets and hotels booked, even though that can be quite expensive. But what do you do with the spending money, where does that come from? Luckily for me, I umpire junior basketball. Even though the pay is quite significantly lower than my day job, this is paid in cash and it keeps me fit. I can umpire roughly 4 games a night on selected nights during the week which gets me up anywhere from $40 to $60 for the night. Not too bad when I really am just running around and semi-coaching the kids as they play. This has added up over the course of the season and I now have a little over $1000 spending money for when I go overseas, which isn’t included in my January Net Worth. How good is that?!

Booking Hotels/Flights

Luckily for us consumers, we now have access to an incredible amount of resources online for booking. While I do not hold stock in some of these companies I will most likely hold some eventually. Using one of these websites we were able to get flights and accommodation for 7 nights for less than $800 each. This is ridiculously cheap. If you’ve ever been to Australia, you will know that it is quite an expensive Country. For the same $800 I could get a week in my capital city, but what is the fun in that? Go overseas and explore!

This isn’t a dingy backpackers place either, rather a 4 star hotel/resort. Just like you do your Due Diligence on stocks, do the same on the deals you can get. If you look for the deals, they do exist. I really can’t wait to go, a little over a week and I am out of here.

It is right around reporting time here in Australia for stocks, although I will be overseas, I hope I can get a nice welcome home present from my stock portfolio.


I won’t be posting while overseas, but please think of me when you are stuck in your office working…. (tongue in cheek).


8 thoughts on “Holiday On A Budget

  1. BHL, looking forward to hearing about your travel experience! The location in your picture looks amazing.

    I will be thinking of you when I’m at the office… Are there any other locations you would suggest an American like myself to travel to?

  2. Congrats on the planned overseas trip. That sounds like a great price for 7 nights. I know we could use a vacation. But with a brand new baby, we probably will not go on any flights anytime soon.
    Have fun and enjoy yourselves, DM

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