Arena REIT – Half Year Results

Arena REIT Have Released Their Half Year Results

Well this is the first half yearly result that have come in for me and it’s a good one! So far so good!
I picked up some of these shares in late January at a price of roughly $1.87, they now sit at [stock_quote symbol=”ASX:ARF”], today at $2.09. Not a bad price increase for a short period. I really like this REIT as it has been increasing over time while making valuable acquisitions and increasing the value of the existing assets.

Arena REIT HY FY17 Report – Page 4

A picture is worth a thousand words! Well lets not get into it too much. Overall this is a very positive report. I am happy that there have been increases. Arena have made purchases over this period compared to last year so of course there will be a Net Operating Profit Increase. Because of this, I think it is easier to take the Earnings Per Share as a more value of how the company is doing. This increased by 11% which is fantastic, this shows the company is still growing while making valuable assets. A dividend increase of 9%, bonus! All of this while debt has increased by only 1% overall.

Arena REIT HY FY17 – Page 6

I am happy with these results, 9% dividend increase while debt has only increased by 1%. Onwards and upwards!

4 thoughts on “Arena REIT – Half Year Results

  1. I also was pleased looking at their results (even though we’re not shareholders (yet)). It does look like it’s one of the better REITs and we’ll probably add it later in the year, we’ll see 🙂 Congrats on a nice quick profit and good update.


  2. Nice work, 14% in a month is fantastic appreciation… Would you consider selling if the share price hit, say, $5? Just curious on your investment philosophy.. if it’s still spitting off cash and dividends, then there is no downside to holding a long time.

    1. I’m more focused on income rather than capital gains. If that does happen, then I may possibly split in half and use the capital on another growth share to diversify. It’s a long way away but well worth the thought. Cheers

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