Net Worth Update – February 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – February 2017

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This month, as we are all well aware, is quite a bit shorter than the rest of the year. February is a time where I only get two pay cycles and have limited funds to invest or save. I believe March will be a lot better month as it falls within 3 pay cycles so I am expecting another 10%+ net worth increase next month as well. Alright lets get into it. Overall, I have had a great month of savings, I’m hoping this can stay fluid over the next year or so to boost my overall net worth, month on month. My investments are still slightly down due to the Robo 3D share price falling a bit. I am still long on that company so day to day fluctuations do not bother me.

Without further ado, here is my net worth for the end of February 2017. I’ll give a breakdown in the section below.

Figure 1: Total Net Worth February 2017.


Stock Value:

Unfortunately, my stocks didn’t fair too well this month either, once Robo 3D bounces back this will jump dramatically. A few ups and downs on my stock list at the moment. I also have some cash saved in my brokerage account and am looking to make my next purchase around the $1200 range. Like I have stated before, I am not planning to sell my stocks anytime soon, I am a Buy and Hold Long kinda guy!


Not much to say, was able to stash some cash away towards a deposit for my first home. This will be used at some point in the near future year or two.


This also increased due to my employer contributions. I am not currently adding to this. My employer adds an extra 9.5% on top of my wage into this account as a requirement by the Australian Government. I will let this increase over time, I do change what my retirement is invested in, so I do have some control over it.


This depreciated as expected. This is a set amount from the Australian Government site that I used.

Total Assets:

This increased by 4.23% overall.



No added personal debts.


This was paid off in December as a last payment. Doesn’t that feel good?!


Our student loans are paid differently here in Australia. A little bit each pay (2 weeks) gets taken out of my wage and goes towards paying off student debt. I do not see this money leaving my account as it is taken via our tax system. This works well for me. This is slowly getting paid down but will take some time.

Total Debts:

Decrease of debts by 0.65% which is a good thing, we want a decrease in debts.


My net worth from January 31st 2016 to February 28th 2017 has increased by an impressive 10.81%. This is an increase of $2458.83 in the month to bring my total net worth up to $25,212.61
Another increase, how good! Lets keep this train churning, March is going to be a good month for me. I am going to try and aim for 15% growth in the next month, lets see how that pans out. Very happy with this, how is your February shaping up?

34 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – February 2017

  1. Nice, solid progress. Keep up the good work. I just dug out from student loan debt. It wasn’t fun, or pretty. But it’s doable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey,

    Great job with a 10% increase in your net worth. You’ve got enough saved up in your emergency fund to ride out any market lows. It always bounces back and then some.

    Best of luck for March!


    1. Thanks J. Portfolio is slightly weighed down by one underperformer but I still believe this will turn around in the long run. I hope my portfolio continues to grow for many, many years. Cheers

  3. A 10% increase in net worth is amazing. Keep up the great work BHL! That 9.5% increase is interesting and helps fuel your retirement/investing account. I didn’t realize that was a requirement in Australia. Very, Very cool!


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