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New Page To Show Dividends

Hi all, I am showing my dividend payments that have occurred throughout the year and will be updating this monthly. Take a look here:   In case you missed it here are some of my other posts from the month of April! Guest Post – Dividend Yield vs. Dividend Growth 2017 Q1 Review Dividend Payments… Read More »

2017 Q1 Review – Net Worth Update – 60% Increase?

    This report is a little overdue but I still want to get this one out. My Net Worth has increased dramatically since the start of the year, I hope I can continue to increase my Net Worth for the rest of the year. If I can continue to keep on this track my Net… Read More »

Small vs. Mid vs. Large Cap – Guest Post by Erik

  This is a guest by Erik, he blogs over at The Mastermind Within. If you enjoy this post then please check his website out. It has some really good content on there.     Many investors have the following questions: which companies should I include in my investment portfolio for the best returns? Should I… Read More »

Dividend Payments and DRP (DRIP)

  Recently two of my stocks went ex dividend which means that I reinvested them towards more stock. I plan to continue doing this for many years to increase the overall number of holdings and value of holdings. I believe that using a DRIP plan will help fund my early retirement! Take a look at… Read More »

Purchase – WAM Leaders [ASX:WLE]

    Before we start, take a look at my other Recent Purchase and also my other WAM Research Purchase. Check out my Portfolio.   I was able to pick up 893 WAM Leaders today for a nice price of $1.136 per share. Take a look at my portfolio to see the true value of the… Read More »

Purchase – Vita Group [ASX:VTG]

This will only be a short post as I have been sick lately, hopefully I can kick this sickness and get back to proper health and top quality posts! 😉 I bought 497 shares of Vita Group. While the share price of this has been smashed lately by rumours of Telstra (Australia’s largest telco) taking… Read More »

Net Worth Update – March 2017 – 25% Increase

Monthly Net Worth Update – March 2017 See My January net Worth Update Here See My February net Worth Update Here   This month has been an absolute ripper for me. I seriously couldn’t be happier with the results that I have gotten. There is always room for improvement but this is a real good step in the… Read More »

Blog Progress Report – March 2017

Blog Progress Report For The Month Of March 2017 Now this blog is 3 months old, where has the time gone? I am still enjoying posting on the blog as much as I can. Three months kind of feels like a long time but then again it also has gone really quickly. I am really enjoying… Read More »