Net Worth Update – March 2017 – 25% Increase

Monthly Net Worth Update – March 2017

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This month has been an absolute ripper for me. I seriously couldn’t be happier with the results that I have gotten. There is always room for improvement but this is a real good step in the right direction to make my early retirement come true. I worked quite hard to make sure my income and savings were fantastic, I did mention to a lot of others that the month of March was going to be a massive month, and guess what? I DELIVERED! 

Without further ado, here is my net worth for the end of March 2017. I’ll give a breakdown in the section below.

net worth march 2017

Figure 1: Total Net Worth March 2017.


Stock Value:

My stocks made a minor bounce back which was nice to see. I also added to my stocks which you can see in my other posts. I am still hoping that RBO will increase in value to keep these figures rising.


Not much to say, was able to stash some cash away towards a deposit for my first home. This will be used at some point in the near future year or two.


This also increased due to my employer contributions. I am not currently adding to this. My employer adds an extra 9.5% on top of my wage into this account as a requirement by the Australian Government. I will let this increase over time, I do change what my retirement is invested in, so I do have some control over it.


This depreciated as expected. This is a set amount from the Australian Government site that I used.

Total Assets:

This increased by 11.46% overall.



No added personal debts.


This was paid off in December as a last payment. Doesn’t that feel good?!


Our student loans are paid differently here in Australia. A little bit each pay (2 weeks) gets taken out of my wage and goes towards paying off student debt. I do not see this money leaving my account as it is taken via our tax system. This works well for me. This is slowly getting paid down but will take some time.

Total Debts:

Decrease of debts by 0.33% which is a good thing, we want a decrease in debts.


My net worth from February 28th 2017 to March 31st 2017 has increased by an impressive 25.71%. This is an increase of $6481.17 in the month to bring my total net worth up to $31693.78.
Another increase, how good! Lets keep this train churning, April is going to be a good month for me. I am hoping for roughly 10% increase.

How was your March?

44 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – March 2017 – 25% Increase

  1. THATS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT BHL. You are darn right you delivered here. Congrats on the amazing progress here. I am VERY jealous that you were able to pay off your car loan in December. I am 12 freaking months away from being done with mine and man, it will be awesome! Great things are happening for you, and you are starting to see the benefits of your hard work.

    Congrats again!


    1. Thanks Bert, I really am trying to keep my head down and work hard to increase that networth and increase my overall income. April won’t be anywhere near this sort of levels but it should still bring good results.

    2. Paying off your car always feel great. It was great when I paid my off my car early and didn’t have a car payment for years. Unfortunately, I had to get another car, but I am working towards paying it off early again. But it is a hybrid, so I save a lot of money in gas.
      Congrats on the amazing progress.

  2. Nice work BHL – 25% in a single month is amazing. You will be on your way to $50k in no time.

    My March was pretty solid. I paid down $4k of my mortgage balance. In April, I should be able to pay down even more principal… I have about $24k left to get rid of Private Mortgage Insurance.

  3. That’s a nice increase in net worth for sure. You have green where you should have green and red where you should have red. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks IH, it is a lot easier to achieve these sorts of figures as my total net worth is quite low, but increasing it quickly is always a good result, no matter how much your net worth is. Cheers

    1. I can’t seem to find the link at the moment. When I come across it I will link you to it.
      I don’t remember the math, but it was a the amount of years to use the car divided by the cost of the car… how far it will depreciate. There are quite a few estimates you have to use so it may not be fully accurate.

  4. Great month! Wow a 25% increase in one month is amazing. If only we could do that every month. Jealous of the 9.5% employer contribution. We don’t even come close to that here haha. One question on your assets. What differentiates stock value from new stock purchases? Seems like from an accounting standpoint they would be one in the same so you don’t want to double dip/ count it to inflate worth. But I’m sure you have a good system in place to keep track. Keep up the solid work! Can’t wait to see you breaking records every month now.

    1. Thanks Dividend Daze. I have my own method (it may not be correct). So lets say for example in Feb my stock value was 5k, the new stock purchases were 2k. I use the existing stock value to compare to previous months so the new 2k stock value isn’t over inflating my monthly stock valuation. Does that make sense? Then the next month I include the 5+2k and compare that to how the stock stood same time last month. This is so when I make a purchase I don’t include that new stock value as an existing stock value increase. Hope that clears it up.

  5. 25% increase in net worth is amazing! Congrats and keep up the great work. Even though I dont share my net worth publicly, its one of my favorite post series to read to see how ppl grow their net worth.

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks R2R, my assets are growing and I don’t mind sharing some details. Growing at 25% while my net worth is not that large is a relatively possible task. Now a 25% increase once my net worth is well over 100k… now that is a challenge! Cheers (btw… real big fan of your site, keep up the awesome work).

  6. Thanks for the update. 25% increase in net worth is amazing but especially over such a short period. I’d milk that employer contribution as much as I could. Free money is always the best!


    1. Thanks Scott, that is part of the rules here in Australia. An extra 9.5% on top of your regular income goes into a retirement account. Only thing is, I can’t touch that money until I am 67 or so otherwise it will be taxed at 50%… ouch!

  7. 26% is impressive growth there. I don’t remember my net worth growing as much. I was buried in debt after graduate school. My net worth didn’t have a big jump until I start buying income producing assets.

  8. You are painting a really nice financial picture. Your debts are seemingly under control with a reduction and no more car payments. One less bill to worry about plus you really jumped ahead with an impressive double digit gain in overall net worth. Not always such an easy task when your net worth is higher and higher. Great update. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Your long term stocks grew by 6% ? That is a very good result! Given that the stock market is tumbling now and may continue doing so. But even so, as long term investor your will prosper, just stick to your plan and keep buying a good quality stocks. You can have a few speculative stocks but they shouldn’t ruing your portfolio should they go belly up.

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