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I was able to pick up 893 WAM Leaders today for a nice price of $1.136 per share. Take a look at my portfolio to see the true value of the cost and how much of a dividend they will bring. WAM Leaders is a Listed Investment Company that invests mostly inside the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) top 200 companies. They do have investments in companies outside of the ASX 200 which form a minor part of their holdings.

They are also currently trading under Net Tangible Assets (NTA) which is strange for a Wilson Asset stock. This is why this stock is a definite buy.

WAM Leaders paid a full franked (tax credits) dividend of $0.01 on the 13th of April 2017 so I just missed out, however, the company has stated that the final dividend will most likely be higher than the interim dividend. Very good news for new holders. Lets just assume the dividend stays the same, $0.01, that gives a dividend yield of 1.76% and a forward dividend per year of $17.86.

While these are not massive numbers, the performance of other WAM products leaves me to believe this will be a long term winner. Over time this will continue to grow and leave me with a sustained dividend for many years to come. Looking forward to see the dividend grow over time.

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6 thoughts on “Purchase – WAM Leaders [ASX:WLE]

  1. I’m a little weary of stocks that trade at such a low price and that lack history of dividend payments and increases. I only see it’s been trading publicly for less than a year so hard to make a judgement call especially since I don’t know the ASX market as well. But seems like you have done your research. Never know what will happen. It could keep growing and take off in price and you got in on the ground floor. Either way it will add a nice bit of passive income to your dividend portfolio.

    1. Thanks DD. While it is still early days, Wilson Management have proven themselves time and time again that they are one of the best. I am happy to take an entry position in this because I believe it will continue to climb for many years.

  2. They are also on our watch list, looks like it was a good call to jump onto them before they are too well established, I’m sure they will be trading at a less bargain price to their NTA not too far in the future. Just too many stocks we want to buy that they are not at the top of the list!

    Mrs DDU

    1. Good call Mrs DDU. Wilson always make some great products so I don’t mind holding this one for the long term.
      Do you have a list of others you are looking at on your site? Always interested to see what others have in mind. Cheers

      1. Wilson stocks are for sure in our “buy and hold” basket.

        We don’t keep a list of our watch list on the blog, don’t think that will be something we do, considering how much things change. We will definitely keep updating with our monthly purchases though 🙂

        Mrs DDU

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