DRIP Recieved

Dividend Payments and DRP (DRIP)


Recently two of my stocks went ex dividend which means that I reinvested them towards more stock. I plan to continue doing this for many years to increase the overall number of holdings and value of holdings. I believe that using a DRIP plan will help fund my early retirement!

Take a look at my portfolio if you would like, this shows my stock value and the expected yearly income for all those stocks. I hope to continue increasing these for many years to come.

DRIP Recieved

DRIP Stocks Received – April 2017

While this is nothing to get too excited about, I believe this is just the first step of many to come to increase my overall dividend income. If all my stocks can slowly increase their dividend payments while adding to the number of stocks owned this will one day snowball into a massive portfolio that provides an extra income.

I really hope my DRIP scheme can continue to grow and provide me with more stock over the long run.

How has your April been?


4 thoughts on “Dividend Payments and DRP (DRIP)

  1. I don’t recall, is this your first dividend payment? If so, congrats! And WAX has a nice yield to it, so it should build up fast if it keep increasing. The DRIP method is the way to go. Basically automatic and doesn’t cost any extra trade fees depending on what platform you use. Keep it up, that snowball will grow in no time. Cheers!

    1. Thanks DD. It is the first payment, how exciting, while it doesn’t increase my overall income a whole lot it is still exciting to see that I am getting extra shares for just simply holding these companies.

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