2017 Q1 Review – Net Worth Update – 60% Increase?



This report is a little overdue but I still want to get this one out. My Net Worth has increased dramatically since the start of the year, I hope I can continue to increase my Net Worth for the rest of the year. If I can continue to keep on this track my Net Worth will be ridiculous by the years end. My goal was to have my net worth at 50k by end of June 2017, I believe this is a very achievable goal. Let’s hope I can smash it.

Q1 Net Worth Update – Q1 2017

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Without further ado, here is my net worth for the end of March 2017, which is the end of Q1 2017. I’ll give a breakdown in the section below.

Q1 Results

Figure 1: Total Net Worth Q1 2017.


Stock Value:

The stock value is hard to determine as I have made extra purchases, basically, my stock value increased from $4611.75 to $7793.00. Not exactly an increase as I have added extra capital. It is still an increase so it’s a positive.


Not much to say, was able to stash some cash away towards a deposit for my first home. This will be used at some point in the near future year or two. Could possibly be very soon.


This also increased due to my employer contributions. I am not currently adding to this. My employer adds an extra 9.5% on top of my wage into this account as a requirement by the Australian Government. I will let this increase over time, I do change what my retirement is invested in, so I do have some control over it.


This depreciated as expected. This is a set amount from the Australian Government site that I used.

Total Assets:

This increased by 22.28% overall.



No added personal debts.


This was paid off in December as a last payment. So this was decreased which is a good thing, we want a decrease in debts.


Our student loans are paid differently here in Australia. A little bit each pay (2 weeks) gets taken out of my wage and goes towards paying off student debt. I do not see this money leaving my account as it is taken via our tax system. This works well for me. This is slowly getting paid down but will take some time.

Total Debts:

Decrease of debts by 2.80% which is a good thing, we want a decrease in debts.


My net worth from December 31st 2016 to March 31st 2017, Q1 2017, has increased by an impressive 62.43%. This is an increase of $12,181.41 in the first quarter to bring my total net worth up to $31,693.78.

This is insane, I would have never have guessed my Net Worth would increase this much.

Forward Dividend Payments

A new section I am going to introduce is forward dividend income. While stock price is always going to go up and down, a more solid figure I like to keep track of is the total forward dividends that I will be paid in the coming year. I will compare these figures similar to my Net Worth as above. So here is my first forward dividend report.

Q1 Forward Dividend Payments

Figure  2: Total Forward Dividend Payments

That about does it for the Q1 Report, I hope that the next quarter can bring good things too. Another forward dividend increase like that would be fantastic. lets hope that it can continue upwards for a very long time.

How was your Q1?

10 thoughts on “2017 Q1 Review – Net Worth Update – 60% Increase?

  1. This is one very solid first quarter, hope you have many more of these!
    Question, why keep $15k vehicle? Not wiser to sell and buy back something around the $5k mark? Gives you about $10K to invest and make you money instead of costing you. But you probably already thought about this 😉

    1. Thanks for that. My next quarter won’t be as good but hopefully still great. I have thought about that earlier. I found it was time for me to upgrade late last year and in hindsight probably spent too much on a vehicle. But oh well it’s a great car and I can hold this one till it dies. That’s the plan anyway

  2. Solid numbers BHL. Even with just looking at the dividend and stock area, you keep that rate up and you will be chasing that snowball down the hill faster than you can run. The more debt you pay off and are able to add to investments, the bigger its going to get too. Keep at it. Cheers!

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