New Page To Show Dividends

Hi all,

I am showing my dividend payments that have occurred throughout the year and will be updating this monthly.
Take a look here:


In case you missed it here are some of my other posts from the month of April!



10 thoughts on “New Page To Show Dividends

  1. I like the format BHL. I’ve been looking for a nice simple format to track my dividend income. I might do something similar. I look forward to your monthly updates.

      1. BHL,

        Yea. I was trying to find your email address. I wasn’t sure how to get started. Is that a particular plugin you’re using? Feel free to email me if need be.


  2. I like the table and graph layout on the page, much more detailed than our dividend page is haha (although we link it to the original articles so people can still find the details if they want). Good to be able to find them all in one spot.

    Mrs DDU

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