April 2017 Net Worth

Net Worth Update – April 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – April 2017

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Well this month was always going to be a bit quieter because March was just an absolute bumper month. I don’t mind it being smaller as long as it slowly increases. I know that May will be a great month too. Targeting a 10% increase, fingers crossed. A few extra items in this months edition. A new logo and a new segment, see below!

Without further ado, here is my net worth for the end of April 2017. I’ll give a breakdown in the section below.

April Asset 2017

Figure 1: Total Net Worth April 2017.


Stock Value:

My stocks made a minor bounce back which was nice to see. I also added to my stocks which you can see in my other posts. I am still hoping that RBO will increase in value to keep these figures rising. Just have to hold for a while and see how it goes, then decide to sell or hold.


Not much to say, was able to stash some cash away towards a deposit for my first home. This will be used at some point in the near future year or two.


This also increased due to my employer contributions. I am not currently adding to this. My employer adds an extra 9.5% on top of my wage into this account as a requirement by the Australian Government. I will let this increase over time, I do change what my retirement is invested in, so I do have some control over it.


This depreciated as expected. This is a set amount from the Australian Government site that I used.

Total Assets:

This increased by 3.08% overall. Not a fantastic result, but working on it.



No added personal debts.


This was paid off in December as a last payment. Doesn’t that feel good?!


Our student loans are paid differently here in Australia. A little bit each pay (2 weeks) gets taken out of my wage and goes towards paying off student debt. I do not see this money leaving my account as it is taken via our tax system. This works well for me. This is slowly getting paid down but will take some time.

Total Debts:

Decrease of debts by 0.33% which is a good thing, we want a decrease in debts.


My net worth from March 31st 2017 to April 30th 2017 has increased by a measly (tongue in cheek) 6.35%. This is an increase of $2012.04 in the month to bring my total net worth up to $33,705.82.
Another increase, how good! Lets keep this train churning, May is going to be a good month for me. I am hoping for roughly 10% increase.

How was your April?

I have created a new logo for the site. The original was just a temporary one and now I have spent some time to create this one. If you like it, then let me know. Definitely willing to help other bloggers if they are interested.

Figure 2 – New Buy Hold Long Logo

And now the new segment, forward dividend income!

Forward Dividend Income

April Forward Income

Figure 3 – Forward Dividend Income

April Dividend income

Figure 4 – Forward Dividend Income and Average Monthly Income

Not much to say, dividends were increased through new purchases ~$1000 of purchases which reduced my average dividend yield. My forward income has increased because of the increase in capital and dividends that have been reinvested. A 7% increase in forward income is fantastic, I am very happy with that.

How is your month?

24 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – April 2017

  1. Looks like your making lots of moves in the stock department. That is good to see, and with a nice steady increasing stream of forward dividend income. Any reason the vehicle debt jumped up $1 when it was zero last month according to the top chart? Keep buying more stock and the net worth will increase with it. Nice work so far on the growth.

  2. The new logo is very eye-catching, I like the symmetry of it. What was your inspiration for the stars and fern (is it a fern?, I’m not sure how to describe them haha) look?

    a green update is always a good one! nice work.

    Mrs DDU

    1. Hi Mrs DDU, yes it is a fern. Inspiration…. just random thoughts and liking other people’s logo designs on twitter. Some of them are fantastic. I had an idea of what I wanted so I drew it down and then created it. Thanks

      1. Glad to hear I was on the right track when I said fern. Always good to go with a design that’s visually appealing, even if it doesn’t have any particular symbolism, looks great either way!

        Mrs DDU

  3. Thanks for sharing, for me publishing my networth and portfolio has really help hold me accountable. Nice to see others doing the same. I’ll be following along as you grow! Keep up the good work, at a certain point things really start to snowball.

  4. You’re stocks went up 11% in April, but you haven’t listed any new buys – and you’re saying it’s a ‘small’ bump? I think we need to work on your definition of small :p

    Is this your first year paying back your HECS debt? Because that money won’t actually get applied against your HECS until the end of the tax year (possibly when you do your return). Until then it’s just in the big pool of taxes withheld.

    1. Well it’s 11% increase with the new purchases. I’m working on a way to show my net worth changes and make them easier for everyone to understand. It is a confusing table at the moment.

      Second year paying HECS, now they call it HELP or something dumb. I have just totalled the yearly contribution and divided that into fortnightly payments which will get indexed at the EOFY. It’s not super accurate but it’s close enough for my tracking I believe.

      1. Ah, I must be reading something wrong – in the table it says New Stock Purchases April: $0

        I’m currently glad I’m not trying to report my net worth because egads that train wreck! It makes perfect sense to me, but it’s split across a few spreadsheets to cover mortgages, investment value, cash, super, …. yay for investing but tidy presentation is a headache

        1. I’ll definitely have to work on something a little neater so it makes sense for all. It’s one of those things, I understand it because I wrote it, but I’ll try to find a different method. Cheers

  5. Great progress. Seems like we are both saving a similar amount each month (2k target) I just crossed the 25k Net worth mark last month so hopefully we can both get to that 50k mark soon! Will be following along.

  6. I like how you format the table in the financial statement method with asset less liability. You must be an accountant in profession.

    Nice logo too, popping by first time.

  7. First time visitor, your increase in stock is impressive, in fact, the increase in your net worth as a whole (the 60% jump you illustrated in a different post) was fantastic! I’m very new to this game, so will probably start tracking my net worth as well soon.

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