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Blog Progress Report – April 2017

Blog Progress Report For The Month Of April 2017

Now this blog is 6 months old, where has the time gone? I am still enjoying posting on the blog as much as I can. I have a new logo design which I am really liking, more people are commenting on the blog and I have been really active too. Overall, a very good month.

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Cold Hard Stats

Alright, lets take a look at the stats. I am only going to be using Google Analytics for this from now on as my AWstats are over run by bots (I believe) and this skews the total views to a much bigger website than it is.

April Stats – Google Analytics

April was a good month for posting for me. I hope Google can start to index more of my pages to get them to really get some keyword rankings. My SEO is pretty lacking but slowly working to improve it. Overall, total views of 2027 views for the month and since there are 30 days in April that means on average I was receiving 67.5 views per day. It is slowly increasing!

April Sources

April Sources – Google Analytics

As you can see, most of my visitors come from Referrals which I am not too bothered with at the moment. This is from me posting on other people’s blogs and replying to comments which is great as our Dividend Community is a real friendly one. I really hope I can increase the organic search and social links in the coming months, this can be achieved by creating great content which I hope to do very soon.

April Blog Income – Google Adsense

Not very consistent with the blog income but $10.66 is a good start. Hopefully this can slowly increase with blog views as well.

How did you go in April 2017?

24 thoughts on “Blog Progress Report – April 2017

  1. I’m curious what you have in terms of monetizing? Is it just AdSense?

    I have a slightly higher viewership for April and I made a grand total of 59cents.. Just shy of the 2cent a day milestone!

    1. I’m not even monetizing my blog yet! Though at $2 per month I might pass on ad sense. It doesn’t seem worth it to plaster ads on my website for a couple of bucks, I’ll probably scare readers away. I am really interested in getting some affiliate marketing going but really want to implement it right. Do you do affiliate marketing?

  2. Hey BHL!
    Congrats on keeping track of your progress. Building a blog is a long journey (pretty much similar to reaching FI 🙂 ).

  3. Wow, you’re pretty effective at blogging. As I have more view than you, but I merely make $2 over the same period. The same period last year, I would have double the view of this year as I winding down on FI .

    I saw other people doing amazon and other affiliated ads which earn a lot more than google adsense.

    1. I was thinking about taking this path one day too. I think this month is a very lucky month. I wouldn’t usually make $10 let alone $2 on these sorts of views. I won’t complain if it keeps it up though. Cheers

  4. Glad to see your numbers are consistently going up from month to month. As you stated, most views probably come from referrals and the posts you comment on other people’s pages. Not a bad thing, so it’s important to keep that up. Recently, I have started getting into the twitter game a little bit. I know you have one as well. But I do see a few more views due to social media because of it. Wouldn’t be a bad place to spend a little bit of time building up a few followers. Just a thought. Amazing progress so far though after only 4 months.

  5. As with passive income generated it’s nice to see the blog continue to grow and attract more visitors/comments over time. Those spiked in analytics are when you add a new post. It’s the same with my traffic. New posts always are the busiest days. Keep up the good work. Before you know it you’ll be a full year into this endeavor.

  6. That adsense balance is quite impressive for so early into blogging! We didn’t move across to a self-hosted site until we were 8 months into blogging and hit the $100 adsense payout 5 months after moving to self-hosted. You are well on your way to building that $100 payout already.

    Day by day, week by week it doesn’t feel like the blogs are building all that much, but I guess it’s a bit like a good share price graph – before you know it you’ll be getting adsense payouts every month and hundreds of views a day.

    Mrs DDU

    1. I really hope so, lately the blog has been doing pretty well averaging a little over 100 views a day. Not much to some but it really is a good step in the right direction for me. I would love to see that average stay and then in another few months see that jump to over 200 views a day. Thanks

  7. In my previous life, I was a blogger as well that did pretty well. Not quite a full time income, but close enough. Blogs are hard!! But having lived the life of that blogger, I have decided to go down a different path this time and completely not monetize it. I know, I know. It’s passive income to be had, but I guess the horrors I dealt with are still fresh in my head. (Having said that, my monetizing was not just adsense or banner ads or even just affiliate links. I did sponsored posts, advertorials, and attended PR events and such – so it got very tiring, demoralising and ultimately was what killed my love to blog.)

    Whoops, all that rambling to really say: I think for a 4 months old blog, your adsense is on fire!

  8. Very impressive blog results in such a short time, especially the AdsSense! Keep up the good work and you’ll nicely build on your second passive income stream.

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