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Good afternoon everyone. I love websites which share other people’s creative content and one of those thing I love to share is other dividend blogs. I have compiled a list of some of the best dividend blogs I frequently visit and comment on. I think sharing this will allow others to see the great content that is out there. If you are interested in viewing other bloggers posts on their dividend investments, then click here.

It is an automatically RSS feed that updates once an hour with new content if these blogs have posted something online. If you would also like to be on the feed then be sure to leave a comment here and I will add you to the list so others can see your content too!


In case you missed some of my other posts recently, here is a summary of some of my recent work. Take a look!

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Thanks for taking a look!



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  1. Thanks for the add to the list! I appreciate it. That is a good idea and makes it easier for you to know when someone has posted something new. Keep up the great articles and updates.

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