Who Wants To Play A Game?

Stock Picking Game

Before we get started, if everyone could check out my Twitter Page, I would appreciate it.

I am looking for 10 people to participate in a competition that I am going to hold here on my blog. Basically it is going to be a competition to see who can choose the best stocks. The catch is…. you have to choose 2 stocks in total. Now that may not be so hard, but the hard part is; one stock can be anything you want, the other stock has to be classed as micro-cap (market cap <300 million). That is where the hard part will be, trying to pick two quality stocks. All dividends are included in the capital gains on the stock. The competition will run from 18th May to the end of the 2017 year, so get your tips in now!
I will be weighting 60% on the any choose stock and 40% micro-cap stock.


Rule NumberRuleDescription
1Pick Any StockYou have the choice to pick any stock you want, regardless of marketcap size.
2Pick Micro-Cap StockYou must pick another stock with a marketcap of less than 300 million (USD).
3DividendsDividends are included in the return on investment.
4Stock PicksYou do not have to actually own any of the stock, pick anything you want.
5Stock NumbersFor this exercise, only one share of each stock will be used.
6CurrencyAll prices will be displayed in USD with live conversion rates for those who do not pick stocks inside the US.
7WeightingThe stocks will be weighted at 60% any pick stock and 40% micro-cap stock for scoring purposes.
8ScoringThe performance will be based off the % increase or decrease plus dividends, not off dollars increased.


First Prize:  Gold – Buy Hold Long Award to be posted on your site and 3 Guest Posts on my website.

Second Prize: Silver – Buy Hold Long Award to be posted on your site and 1 Guest Post on my website.

Third Prize: Bronze – Buy Hold Long Award to be posted on your site.

Fourth to Tenth: Shout-out on the final post thanking you for participating.

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Well, that’s about it, I will also be participating but will not be included in the prizes for obvious reasons, are you willing to try and compete for the Gold prize? Are you better than other dividend bloggers around? Can you beat me? Challenge…. accepted!

33 thoughts on “Who Wants To Play A Game?

  1. Interesting concept. Still probably need to clarify a few things. 1. Do you actually have to purchase the stocks you choose? 2. Is it only 1 share of each stock or a certain dollar figure? 3. What about the different currencies since you will probably have a few people from different countries choosing stocks from different exchanges? 4. Just make sure you keep a record from the beginning of the contenders choices so no one can cheat. Probably more questions but that is all that I can think of right now. Should be interesting to see how the competition plays out.

    1. Excellent questions DD.
      1) You do not have to own the shares.
      2) Yes one share is used per stock choice.
      3) I will use a live exchange rate. All figures will be in US Dollars.
      4) As soon as people put their tips in I will record the price from that end of day.

      Great questions, I will update the post to reflect this. Thanks

      1. One more thing that is kind of important in scoring. What are you actually scoring us on? Are we trying to to have the best growth % or the highest dollar value increase? Either way, should be fun so I’ll give it a try.

  2. Are you basing it straight up on dollar increase or percentage increase? IE one share of Amazon my go up $25 while one share of GE might go up $2, but the increase would be a greater share of the price in GE’s stock than in Amazon which would alter picks.

  3. Are you still looking for participants or is this closed at this point (being midday Friday)? Thanks!

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