May 2017 – Blog Update

May 2017 Blog Update


Dividend Updates

A few things have happened so far in the Month of May. I have been paid a dividend from Arena REIT (ASX:ARF) which when I used my DRP this ended up gaining me another 10 shares of ARF. At their current dividend payment per year of $0.12 per unit, this means an extra $1.20 per year, nothing to write home about but over the long run this will help towards my future retirement.

I have also purchased some more WAM Research (ASX:WAX), you can read about them here to see why I have purchased them once and I will continue as long as the price is reasonable. If you take a look towards the end of the post then you will be able to see the new and updated Net Worth and Forward Dividend Payment section. It looks a lot cleaner in my opionion


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Net Worth and Forward Dividend Payment Update

Previously, I have used excel to show my net worth. This includes assets and liabilities but it is messy, doesn’t look hugely professional and overall is just hard to follow. So I decided to change it to something that is easier to follow and just looks a lot more appealing. Take a look below at how my Net Worth and Forward Dividend Income will look like from now on. If you would like to follow the page here, it will be updated monthly to show how it is all going. I will still do my posts on the blog so that will still be happening, this will just supplement that so you don’t have to search through the previous posts for the Net Worth Updates. Take a look at my new page here.

That is about it for now. Thanks for looking.

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  1. I like the new layout and charts. A steady increase in net worth every month is great. Just keep doing what you are doing, making quality buys, paying down debt, and saving/ tracking expenses. That number will easily double in no time. Seems like it has been every 6 months or so. Cheers!

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