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The Most Popular Posts On Buy, Hold Long!


I don’t usually monitor what my popular posts are on my blog, but perhaps I should. After all, that would show me what people are interested in viewing in the blog. After taking a quick look at the views on each page, I was not really surprised to see which posts are gaining the most traction here on the site.

Would anyone like to guess which posts are the most popular on the site? That’s right….. Net Worth Updates!

Figure  1 – Top Posts

Obviously the home page is the highest viewed so I am just going to ignore that for now, the rest are fairly high views, for me at least.
The highest viewed is my Portfolio, which is interesting. A lot of people are interested in what I am invested in. While this helps keep me accountable, it also makes me a little nervous. I don’t mind sharing what I am invested in, but my stocks have been underperforming recently. I hope they can start to perform a little better in the future.

Here is the list, if you are interested in taking a look for yourself.

  1. Portfolio
  2. About
  3. March Net Worth
  4. January Net Worth
  5. April Net Worth
  6. February Net Worth
  7. Q1 Net Worth
  8. End of 2016 Net Worth
  9. Dividend Game
  10. Net Worth and Forward Dividend Payments Page


Take a look and let me know, is your blog seeing a similar pattern?



4 thoughts on “My Most Popular Posts

  1. I can understand that the net worth updates are always higher views. They are fun to read and track progress. That is how I feel with each month ending dividend post that is made. Always see more traffic around the end of the month. Also nice to point out your “game” is making a lot of headway and getting a lot of views as well. That should be interesting to see as it unfolds throughout the year. Especially members of the community participating will for sure be back regularly to check in on the progress and results.

    1. I agreed DD. I think the “game” should be fun to follow. I am looking forward to getting a couple more entries before it closes tomorrow. I’m always looking for new ways to bring people to the site. Cheers.

  2. BHL,

    Although my numbers are far less than yours, they follow a similar pattern. My home page has the most views, followed by my portfolio page. However, at some point, I have to figure out how to improve traffic to my blog. I’m still jealous that you’re able to have so many page views after such a small amount of time online. Definitely an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Data Lore! Remember these are total blog views (since early January). I try to be pretty active on my site, but still amazed at how much traction the site has gotten in such little time. Cheers

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