Net Worth Update – May 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – May 2017

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I have decided to change the way I produce my Net Worth Updates. The previous updates were a little hard to follow and the table was just overall messy. These Net Worth Updates will be a lot easier to follow, graphical and may have a little less information just for my own personal sake. May 2017 was an alright month for me, not quite as good as I thought it might have been, but it was overall positive. My debts are lowering every month and my assets are increasing every month, so overall that means my net worth will increase! Let’s keep the net worth going up and continue to produce great results.


Net Worth Update – May 2017

Below you will see my Net Worth for the month of May 2017.

My Net Worth increased by a reasonable 6.64% overall. Debts were slightly decreased and assets were increased. Most of the net worth increase came from cash savings and additions in my Stock Portfolio. This is an increase of $2,237.54 in the month. I was hoping for a little more but an increase is an increase. Hoping to continue increasing this for the rest of the year.


Total Forward Dividend Payments

I was able to purchase another lot (744) of WAM Research. I like this company, it has had spectacular results over the past many years and looks to continue to produce great results. This is more of a long term hold for this stock as they pay out a large dividend every year, this combined with the DRIP will increase the value of the portfolio and increase the total income that comes from said portfolio. Because of this purchase, it has pushed my total forward dividend payments per year to a little over $500 a year, yet another milestone for me!



How did your month of May go?


28 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – May 2017

  1. Congrats and great results on lowering debt an increasing net worth!

    One piece of advice I will give is to not duel too much on tracking net worth month-by-month as it can fluctuate a lot due to stock market fluctuations and can trigger both positive and negative emotions as you see your net worth go up and down. Instead focus on reducing or eliminating debt and growing investment income, if you do these two things, the net worth will take care of itself.

    I try to avoid looking at my net worth too often. I do track my dividend income regularly as it does not fluctuate based on market conditions.

    Mr. ATM

    1. Thanks Mr. ATM. I do this to try to keep myself accountable. My stock portfolio doesn’t consist for a huge amount of my overall net worth so the fluctuations will make it go up or down. I do not hold too much emotion on my total net worth, its just more of a tracking system for me is all. Thanks for the comment!

      1. I agree with Mr. All Things Money. I track my net worth over time, but I don’t think it’s a meaningful number (especially with real estate and stock market assets). Instead, I focus on the things I can control: debt paydown, investment contributions, and savings rate.

        My May was pretty good overall 🙂

        Have a good one,

        1. Thanks for the thoughts Erik. I don’t put too much thought into the tracking of my net worth. While I do like to see it grow over time, it isn’t a be all and end all for me. Cheers

  2. BHL –

    Heck yah! Almost a 7% increase in one month is amazing – you are on the fast track and if you keep that up – one year from now you are going to astound yourself. Keep it up over there!!


    1. Thanks for that Lanny. I hope I can continue to keep increasing my net worth over the next few years. Until the end of the year I should have some good runs and then it may slow down due to potentially buying a house and moving in with the GF! Cheers

  3. Well that’s one heck of a month BHL – congrats and you deserve a nice pat on the pack! Hopefully these results are inspiring you to keep on fighting, scraping everything you can do to keep on improving your net worth.



  4. BHL, I like the graphs. Also, good job getting 6.64% overall increase. More importantly is the fact that your assets are increasing and debts are decreasing (even if slightly), so both are moving in the right direction.

  5. Love that upward trend in your charts. You’ll reach that $50k milestone in no time. I do second the comments about not keeping too much of an eye on the month-to-month fluctuation. The market can act very irrationally over the short term!

  6. A little late to the party, but congrats on the nice increase. Our May was pretty solid, not 6.64% month over month solid, but we did pretty well.

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