Blog Progress Report – May 2017

Blog Progress Report For The Month Of May 2017

I first created this blog back in October 2016 and it has been growing in viewers ever since, where has the time gone? I am still enjoying posting on the blog as much as I can. I really like having people comment on the blog and me also replying to those comments. Thanks to all of those who participate!

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Cold Hard Stats

Alright, lets take a look at the stats. I am only going to be using Google Analytics for this from now on as my AWstats are over run by bots (I believe) and this skews the total views to a much bigger website than it is.

May Stats – Google Analytics

May was a very good month for posting for me, excellent results for the amount of work I put into the blog this month. I hope Google can start to index more of my pages to get them to really get some keyword rankings. My SEO is pretty lacking but slowly working to improve it.

Overall, total views of 5327 views for the month and since there are 31 days in May that means on average I was receiving almost 172 views per day. It is slowly increasing!
That is another milestone ticked off my list of things to do! Well over 100 views per day for a whole month, very good!

May 2017 Sources – Google Analytics

These sort of results seems quite similar to previous months which is fine, keep those sources diversified and the views will keep coming. Very happy with this month overall.

May 2017 Adsense – Google Adsense

Very good income for the amount of views as well, very happy with this, hopefully this can continue to increase, as it will eventually allow me to purchase more stocks in the long run.

How was your May??

25 thoughts on “Blog Progress Report – May 2017

    1. I have done a fair bit on the social scene to increase my following. I grew from about 40 followers on Twitter to well over 400 by following other related blogs and being more active on Twitter. Also I have been posting some of my financial information on specific subreddits in my area/field. Subreddits like /r/fiaustralia etc. This has been the largest traffic driver but lowest engagement. That has accounted for well over 1000 views but only one comment thread on reddit. Disappointing results. Cheers

  1. Awesome month. Increases all around. I agree, your social media has been really picking up the traffic. Usually referrals and direct get the most but you have actually surpassed the referral rate with your social media. Whatever you are doing, its working. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

  2. “I am only going to be using Google Analytics for this from now on as my AWstats are over run by bots (I believe) and this skews the total views to a much bigger website than it is.”
    Any chance you can do a comparison?? We have a similar feeling as you but don’t use Google Analytics, so cannot compare. We also have the option to see webalizer, which is definitely overrun by bots.
    Based on awstats we have about 12000+ views per month with about 50.000+ page views, but as you note, this is probably overblown.

    1. Hey CF, so my Google said around the 5000 views for the month of May, AWstats has it at 12,391. Well over double the amount of my analytics. I prefer to use the Google method. I believe it would be a little more accurate.

  3. Nice job BHL, social media is definitely a great way to keep increasing your views, but don’t become sad or obsessed with trying to rise it each month – as long it’s growing long term, it’s all good 🙂

    Mr DDU

  4. Nice work on the blog – it’s always nice to see the numbers trend up. I recently moved my blog from blogger to a wordpress hosted page and I’m already seeing good results on the SEO front.

  5. Very nice progress BHL – Those are some nice figures. Just out of curiosity, which social media source has been your strongest? Twitter is usually one of our strongest referrers, so I was wondering what social media source had the best results for you.

    Keep up the great work and we love interacting with you in the community. Take care!


  6. Nice traffic numbers. My traffic has exploded recently (I’ve been getting lucky). Suddenly jumped to around 300 visitors a day, and I’m getting new email subscribers at around 3-5 a day.

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