Net Worth Update – June 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – June 2017

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June 2017 has been a really crazy month for me, hence why the lack of posts onto my blog. I really hope in the second half of July or even August will bring some relief to me. My debts are lowering every month and my assets are increasing every month, so overall that means my net worth will increase! Let’s keep the net worth going up and continue to produce great results. My net worth is quite low compared to others but as long as it is increasing then I am happy!


Net Worth Update – June 2017

Below you will see my Net Worth for the month of June 2017.

My Net Worth increased by a reasonable 5.51% overall. Debts were slightly decreased and assets were increased. Most of the net worth increase came from cash savings and additions in my Stock Portfolio. This is an increase of $1978.99 in the month. I was hoping for a little more but an increase is an increase. Hoping to continue increasing this for the rest of the year. Lets reach that 50k mark before the end of the year!


Total Forward Dividend Payments

Rural Funds Group (RFF) had a small capital raise to existing share holders only to lower debt and possibly purchase another cattle farm in Australia. I really like the management here, they are kicking goals! I got my full allocation of 152 shares and then also made another purchase of 637 shares of RFF to bring my grand total to 1474. To top this off, I got in before the ex-dividend date which means once the payment date comes around and the shares are DRP, then I should receive even more and increase that total forward dividend.

As you can see my total forward dividends has increased to $579.22 in a year and my average monthly payout is $48.31. I really like tracking it like this as it allows me to see how my shares are performing and dividends just keep increasing. Lets try and get closer to $1000 total forward dividends by the end of the year.



How did your month of June go?

I am extremely close to bringing you some very good news. Think bricks!


40 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – June 2017

  1. Interested to hear about your good news! Is it a real estate purchase? I just closed on one several days ago! June was great for me and good to see that it was great for you as well! Keep it up bro,

    Passive Income Dude

  2. With those steady net worth increases you should be able to hit your 50k goal by the end of the year. And pretty substantial forward dividend growth per month with all the new capital you are adding into it. Keep it up BHL! Cheers!

  3. Hey – its okay if you have to slow your posts down to take care of things. All that matters is that the numbers in this post /update are trending upwards. Looking at your charts and graphs, I’d say this was one heck of a successful month for you. Congrats on the great progress!


    1. Thanks Bert, there is a reason for the slow posting, hopefully more news on that very soon! Once the dust has settled I will do a post to share my update! Very exciting, I hope. Cheers

  4. Hey great numbers and looking forward to the big announcement. Like you, I’ve been insanely busy the last few months and barely had the time to update our blog. The blog is just a nice thing to keep updated though, but when you don’t have time you don’t have time.

    1. That’s right MrSLM. I hope that within the month I will be able to update a little more and if all goes to plan I will have a big announcement, at least for me anyway. Thanks for the comment.

    1. Thanks Mr DDU, hoping that I will have some great news by the end of the month. I also hope I can continue to keep saving some more money to increase my forward dividend income. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Love your Net Worth graph ! It will soon look like an exponential graph :-))

    Nice growth of your dividend increases as well ! Consistent adding shares is indeed the right strategy to keep the dividend pie growing…

  6. BHL,

    You’re making great forward progress. Try not to get too concerned with how your net worth stacks up to others. My own is not too far off from yours. I myself just keep telling myself that I’m growing mine in a safe and steady way so it’s not as susceptible to the huge losses that others can see who rush to high net worth.

    1. Thanks Reaper, I agree. I try not to worry too much about that as I do not have any investment in properties which require a large amount of capital and large risk. I am happy with how it is growing for now. Cheers

  7. Good job on the netWorth increases we hope it increases every month but bumps and bruises will happen as long as you keep adding you will get there.

  8. Looks like you are starting to pick up steam and the average monthly payout it moving along nicely. Don’t rush to compare your net worth to others, it’s all about what works for you. Have goals, but don’t worry about others as we all make different decisions, incomes, and investments. If it’s working for you is all that matters. Looking forward to reading what your big news is!

    1. Thanks Duncan. I don’t typically compare my net worth with others. I live in a very low cost of living area which works well for me. Housing prices are less, everything costs a lot less so that means less stress on me. Looking forward to releasing the news very soon!

  9. Thanks for your monthly update. I’ll have to take a look at RFF, thanks for the tip! I know a lot of people avoid REITs, but I love them, and they make up a significant portion of our portfolio. I’m hoping that once I graduate school we’ll be able to make the same kind of progress that you are now. In the meantime, my wife and I are doing the best to get ahead with what we can right now, and we’re making steady progress.

    Also, I really like the format of your goals listed in the sidebar. Do you mind if I copy them for my own site?

    1. Hi Finding Wealthy, I don’t think I’ve seen you around before so I’ll take a look at your site. Sure! Go ahead, it’s a fun way to keep accountable.
      Good luck to you and your wife!

  10. Hi BHL,
    Congrats on the great progress this month. Every $$ helps and you have a lot of time ahead of you too!
    Best wishes on the real estate purchase! That can be quite stressful.

  11. Hey bhl sounds like you are getting a house. Thats exciting. Oxbviously short term this will hurt your net worth but long term its a fantastic move. Dont worry about your net worth when i started our finance journey we were negative 7k. We all start somewhere but when you watch it it tends to go up =)
    Keep it up looking forward to your news.

    1. Thanks PCI, my next month or so is going to hurt my net worth but like you said, good choice in the long run. I have a few other ideas brewing in the immediate future which should be an exciting time for me and my girlfriend if all goes to plan. Cheers.

  12. With debts lowering and assets increasing each month you are well on your way towards FI. Great graph showing your dividend progress. Keep building that passive income stream!

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