Net Worth Update – July 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – July 2017

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July 2017! What can I say…. well I know this post is about 15 days too late but it was end of financial year for us here in Australia. I did my taxes myself, got a refund, spent that refund on a share of a syndication for a racing dog (uh oh!) and most importantly…. I BOUGHT A HOUSE!

Well technically my girlfriend and I bought one together. It is walking distance to work, which is fantastic as it saves me money on fuel and wear and tear on the car and also keeps me fit. It is only a 10 minute walk to work! Now that is worth good money! It is also about a 5 minute walk to the grocery store and other stores, just a fantastic location yet still quiet enough that I don’t hear the hustle and bustle of the town. Just as a note for all those interested, I live in a town with roughly 5500 people, so very small.


Net Worth Update – July 2017

Below you will see my Net Worth for the month of July 2017.

My Net Worth decreased by quite a bit in the last month. That is mainly due to the house deposit and the fees that are associated with the loan. Man, I didn’t realise how many fees there are in order to just buy a house…. Australia is expensive. Overall the house value is quite low but we plan to make improvements and get it revalued later in life to use some as equity to borrow later for another real estate purchase. Most of the net worth increase came from cash savings and additions in my Stock Portfolio. Taking a hit this month but I know the next month will be fantastic.


Total Forward Dividend Payments

My total forward dividend payments didn’t make a move this month as no purchases were made. Money was a little tight this month for obvious reasons and I hope to start investing again in the month of August/September.



How did your month of July go?


26 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – July 2017

  1. Considering you bought a house (congrats by the way) you did rather well on the net worth side of things! I’m impressed! Good luck with the move and bringing the net worth back up (and over) again.

    1. A good thing working at the local Council is I get to see major developments happening. A few major things happening close to where I live should increase the value of the home in a few years.

  2. Congratulations on buying a house, a major life altering move. I hope you and your girlfriend will live there many happy years.

    Thanks for the nice graphs and also the forward income overview, very interesting!

  3. I’ll echo everyone’s comments about your new purchased home ad says congratulations.

    The Wealthy Accountant just wrote a good piece on Transaction Costs and how they impact our financials more than we know (i.e. closing costs, title insurance, etc etc).

    Something I thought was pretty interesting and has been factored into my savings plan for big ticket items like a car, home et al.

    Great work.

    1. That’s really important to know beforehand. I knew of the costs associated but not all of them. A lot of the deposit you put forward doesn’t go towards the house but that’s alright in the long run. Cheers

  4. Better late than never on the updates right? Welcome back, was weird not seeing you post things or comment. But I know how busy life gets, especially when making a big decision like buying a house. That takes a lot of time and effort. Nice that is it so close to work and the store. That will save you tons like you mentioned. Looking forward to seeing you put that extra capital to good use with more buys soon. Congrats on the house. Now you have extra room for when I come visit haha jk.

    1. Haha definitely DD! More room for activities. The house is pretty bare at the moment, still purchasing items for it so cash flow will be tight the next month or so but then it’s looking up. Cheers

    1. Hi Andy, welcome to the site. I just used Excel 2010 for these graphs.
      On a separate sheet I calculate my net worth (car, cash, house, gold, shares etc.) and then also calculate my debts (house, student, personal etc.)
      Then I get a final Worth and Debts, subtract the two to get net worth. I then tabulate this on a separate sheet to make it cleaner. Have a play around with the graphing tools on excel, some good looking ones. Cheers

  5. Congratulations on your house purchase, BHL! It sounds like it is in a great spot to allow you to walk to work — that’s a “luxury” that I think you’ll grow to appreciate over time!

    Take care and keep up the good work!

  6. Looks like July was a pretty buys month with that huge buy. Congrats on joining the ranks of home ownership. Great that you found a place in what seems to be an ideal location close to work and various stores. I know you will have new expenses with your home but don’t neglect those dividend payers. Thanks for sharing your recent update.

  7. Congratulations! You’ve achieved the impossible 😜 It sounds like the perfect location, and I am totally green with envy about your trip to work. Sounds like you are on top of things with your plans already, but if not, learn from my mistakes. Maintain the property as you go, don’t leave things. Otherwise 20 years later and it will feel like you are buying a whole new house with the repairs that are needed all at once 😞

  8. Congrats on the purchase of the house 🙂 really happy for you but please don’t forget those dividend payers. Good luck with the move and bringing the net worth back up. Thanks for sharing your recent update with us. It’s like I have also bought the new home kind feeling. 😛 Best wishes and Regards

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