Net Worth Update – August 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – August 2017

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Well hasn’t August just absolutely flown by. I can’t believe we are almost towards the end of the year already! 2017 has been an absolutely massive year for me, new buys in the stock market and even bigger… WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

We are now finally all officially moved in, removalists have moved our stuff in and we are now living in the house together. What a long and stressful time to do all this. I can finally say the moving in phase has been finished… now it’s just the unpacking stage. That’s worse!


Net Worth Update – August 2017

Below you will see my Net Worth for the month of August 2017.

I didn’t see this coming! A massive increase after purchasing my first home. Even I was surprised at the amount it grew by. A couple of my stocks reported really excellent results which helped boost my Assets. I am also putting extra money towards the house loan (roughly $100 a fortnight) to help reduce payments over time and use it as a savings tool as I can withdraw that money at any time. I never expected my net worth to increase past what it was before I bought the house only 2 months after buying the home. Most of the net worth increase came from cash savings and additions in my Stock Portfolio.


Total Forward Dividend Payments

A slight move in my forward dividend payers as some of my stocks posted excellent results (see more soon) which in turn these companies increased their yearly dividend which I am very happy about. Keep those dividends rolling in my friends!



How did your month of August go?


26 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – August 2017

  1. Nice! And congrats on the house! If you follow my site at all, you’ll see that I LOVE real estate. 🙂 Keep it up and thanks for sharing,

    Passive Income Dude

  2. Congrats on the new house BHL. My wife and I moved in on the last day of the month (it was actually her birthday too). I completely know what you mean about the process being stressful. But man, how cool was that feeling when you finally moved in and realized that you weren’t leaving.


  3. Congrats on the house! Hooray, house ownership has always had a nice ring to it, hey? My August wasn’t too great. I did manage to invest more and cut down on more on the food spend but utilities hit us hard (that power bill) and with Spring coming as well, the garden sucked up money!

  4. Congrats! Please don’t do what we did and have one room as an unpacked junk room for 10 years. Seriously, I cringe to think of it now. Nice paying extra off the mortgage as well. It does take years to see the difference, but once you start seeing it, it really flies!

  5. Congrats! That’s huge! 🙂 I’m still have in plans building a house and moving into it, but I know the pain of the unpacking stage…keep calm and carry on!
    Have a great day!

  6. Congrats on the house! No wonder why we haven’t really heard from you much lately. You have been busy. Looks like a 15% new worth increase. That is huge for a single month! Keep up the great work man!

    1. It’s mainly due to my tax return, investments and overall some good savings! Very happy with the month. Let’s see if I can back it up two months in a row. Will be around more now that the house buying saga is over 🙂

  7. Congrats on the house! Yeah the whole road leading up to that can be quite stressful, but worth it. Nice to settle down in a place that’s your own 🙂

  8. That’s an impressive increase in net worth in just a few months. Also, the growth in the forward dividend income should start to compound pretty nicely in short order.

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