Net Worth Update – September 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – September 2017

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Not a huge amount happened this month. House is still standing, sold my shares in Air New Zealand a while back and bought some more WAM Leaders and a new position in Future Generations which, if you’re interested, you can take a look here as to why I bought them. Overall, it has been a pretty quiet month. Trying to save some more money in the coming month so I can make a new purchase. I haven’t decided what stock I would like to buy but very interested to see what is out there at the moment. All right, lets get into the nitty-gritty…. the numbers!


Net Worth Update – September 2017

Below you will see my Net Worth for the month of September 2017.

Net Worth September 2017

Funnily enough, my actual total assets decreased by roughly $400 since last weigh in at the August Net Worth Update. But not all is lost! In saying that, my net liabilities propped by roughly 2.5k which is great. This was mainly from house repayments, earl repayments and some small loans being paid off slowly. So overall a positive month, my net worth increased by 5.37%, I am very happy with that. The net worth graph is actually following somewhat of a normal cycle which is fantastic. Not only did my net worth for the month increase by almost 5.4%, it has now increased by an amazing 79.0% since the start of the year. WOW!


Total Forward Dividend Payments

So as I said earlier, a little reshuffle of the cards as far as dividends go. I sold my AIZ shares are they were high yielding, oil dependent, no tax credits and bought into two stocks that do the exact opposite. Two LIC’s that focus on the Australian market and pay tax credits which means I don’t have to worry about Mr Taxman when the end of financial year comes around.

Forward Dividend September 2017

Sold my AIZ shares, forward dividend dropped. Bought a new LIC and added to an existing LIC which upped the Forward Dividend. Then I received a dividend payment (click here to see my dividends paid) and the dividend was reinvested which means that in total I am down $1.04 in forward dividend payments. Not too bad seeming I made a nice profit on my AIZ sold shares.


Happy with that month, hoping to do even better this month, how was your September?


20 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – September 2017

  1. Keep it going! I love the steady increase in your dividends and net worth.

    September was decent for me. I had to put $2k into my business again, but overall, it’s going alright.

  2. BHL, the numbers are moving in the right direction. Congrats on the 5% increase in net worth. For me, September wasn’t bad. I had $28.72 in dividend income for the month. I’m just slowly adding to my position every month all the while continually increasing the dividend income I receive.

    I always like your graphs. One of my favorites.

    1. Thanks Div-Port. Any increase is a win for me. I received $36 so a very similar amount. Keep up the excellent work mate.
      My graphs are made in excel so they wouldn’t be very hard to replicate. Might release it one day for all to use. Cheers

  3. That’s a massive increase since the beginning of the year. It seems so slow as you are going, but looking at the cumulative total is exciting. Onwards to December!

  4. I did the same thing with my portfolio. Sold off some oil stocks that weren’t performing how I wanted to that were a little risky. Used that money to buy some higher yielding and safer utilities stock. Good trade off. And dividends are about equal for your trade off so being safer always helps in the long run.

    1. It definitely does. I was also looking at the share performance of my previous stock and that was very volatile. It was near a 12 month high but the fundamentals of the business hadn’t changed. Time to sell. Buy again when it’s at it’s lows. Cheers

  5. Congrats on the 79% increase in net worth this year. Great also you reduced your liabilities and added to your future dividend income 🙂 September was financially a good month for me too, finally made it to a positive net worth!

  6. Excellent looking graph going on there mate!
    It’s awesome how fast the progress is the early days. And hopefully you can grow at good percentages for a while yet!
    I really like how you average out the dividends to get a monthly figure, nice way to do it.

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