Q2 2017 Net Worth Update


My 2017 Q2 Net Worth Update

Well this is about a whole quarter too late. But I am writing this so that it sets up the platform for my Q3 update which I will write probably tomorrow after my Q2 review. I like to do this to keep track of how my investments are performing and how the blog is also progressing. I hope you all enjoy the ride and let me know how your second and third quarter went in the 2017 year. Let’s hope the net worth continues in an upward trend!


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I changed the way I reported my Net Worth. I created some new tables and graphs in this time which allowed me to show my results in a really easy to understand way. This means that you don’t have to read a whole bunch of numbers you can just take a look at a nice graph that keeps going up (let’s hope) and it is so much easier to understand.

I’ll also show my forward dividends at this time too to show if they have grown. Alright, lets take a look at hopefully the increases.



Net Worth In My Second Quarter 2017

In case you didn’t see the original post of my Net Worth in Q1 of the 2017 year, you can see it here. Overall, my Net Worth was $31,693.78 and my total forward dividends were roughly $407.00 for the forward year.

Net Worth June 2017 – Buy Hold Long

So as you can see at the end of June my Net Worth had increased from $31,693.78 to $37,922.35 which is an increase of 19.65%. Not as great as m original 60% increase but any increase is a win. A 20% increase is fantastic. I am very happy with that sort of increase. As long as my net worth keeps trending upwards then I will be happy with those results.


Forward Dividends In My Second Quarter 2017

In the first quarter of the 2017 year, my total forward dividends were around $407.00 in the year. I added to my stock portfolio so I should hope that the total forward payment increased accordingly.

Forward Dividends June 2017 – Buy Hold Long

As you can see the total forward dividends changed from $407.00 in forward dividends to an awesome $579.72 in forward dividends. This is the amount of dividends I expect to make within a year from that month. Overall, very happy with that result as it is an increase of an amazing 42.44% absolutely amazing.


Blog Status In My Second Quarter 2017

This one I didn’t track as well as I would have liked, so this is on my future to do list. Perhaps include it in my future Net Worth Updates if i get enough time to do so. Anyway, for this one I will just have to write the results.

In the first quarter my average daily views were 59.84 and my total views were 5326 over 89 days.

In the second quarter my average daily views were 113.3 and my total views were 10,197 over 90 days.

The main reason why this was such an increase was my large amount of postings. I already know that my Q3 results won’t be this good as it died off for a little bit as I was in the process of purchasing a house. Very happy with 10k views for the quarter and hope to try and continue this trend.


Overall, very pleased with the results for my second quarter of the 2017 year. How did you go?

8 thoughts on “Q2 2017 Net Worth Update

  1. BHL, congrats, and better late than never. You’ve had a solid Q2 with positive numbers all around. Although, I think my favorite is the forward annual dividends because that number is going to get bigger and bigger and truly represents passive income. I actually don’t track my page views at the moment, but I think it’s an interesting stat to look at to see how the blog is progressing. Happy for you buddy. Looking forward to Q3.

  2. Hi Caleb, I’m a first-time visitor. Looks like you are well on your way to FI. Your planned FI age is earlier than my current age! Starting your journey so early in your life virtually guarantees your success – just keep doing what you are doing, and it’s only a matter of time. Both your net worth and forward dividends are certainly moving in the right direction. Great work! I don’t know much about the ASX or the stocks in it, but I’ll be following you, and I’m sure I can learn some things in that regard. Continued success to you…

  3. That chart is moving in the right direction BHL. Keep it up!
    Awesome work also increasing your readership, I’m a big believer in driving views through valuable/enjoyable content + community discussion, it’s something I hope to spend more time doing when I’m done with my PhD. I also found moving to self hosted led to a marked drop in views which are only just starting to normalise. Anything you found particularly helpful yourself?

    1. Hi there WF30, I have enjoyed the increase in views but was a little slack in Q3 so expecting those results to be lower. But back posting more often so my Q4 should be good. I just have to keep consistency with posting.

      As far as anything helpful, I have found Reddit subs to be pretty good for views but generally low engagement. People on Reddit are typically cynical and just pick on some not so desirable stock picks haha. All the best

  4. Congrats BHL. Great progress on all fronts. Got a new house, 20% net worth gain, over 40% dividend/ passive income gain, and you doubled your blog status numbers. All within a short few month period. Keep that growth up!

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