Q3 2017 Net Worth Update


My 2017 Q3 Net Worth Update

So not a whole lot happened in the third quarter if 2017.. except that I sold my first shares that I ever bought (Air New Zealand), bought two more stocks and oh yea…. BOUGHT A HOUSE! I wasn’t able to post a whole lot during that time because I was super busy with work and getting the house all organised. Now that the house has settled and I have moved the furniture in I can expect to continue to make more posts. Which is great because I like this as a creative outlet.

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Last quarter I changed the way I reported my net worth which makes it easier to follow. This means that you don’t have to read a whole bunch of numbers you can just take a look at a nice graph that keeps going up (let’s hope) and it is so much easier to understand.

I’ll also show my forward dividends at this time too to show if they have grown. Alright, lets take a look at hopefully the increases.



Net Worth In My Third Quarter 2017

We will be comparing my Q3 Net Worth to my previous Q2 Net Worth. Overall, my Net Worth was $37,922.35 for the second quarter and my total forward dividends were $579.72 for the forward year.

Net Worth September 2017

Net Worth September 2017 – Buy Hold Long

At the end of the September month my Net Worth totaled $40,741.45 which when compared to my previous Q2 Net Worth is an increase of 7.43% which isn’t too bad considering I bought a house in the process which chews up a lot in fees! Overall, pretty happy with this, hoping that my next quarter will be a lot higher than this.


Forward Dividends In My Third Quarter 2017

In the first quarter of the 2017 year, my total forward dividends were around $407.00 in the year. Second quarter my forward dividends were $579.72 and after selling my Air New Zealand shares and buying another two stocks my portfolio has changed a little bit.

Forward Dividend September 2017

Forward Dividends September 2017 – Buy Hold Long

Comparing this to my old forward dividends in quarter 2 there was a minor increase. We’ll count it. It increased by an amazing 0.13%. A win is a win I guess!


Blog Status In My Second Quarter 2017

This one I didn’t track as well as I would have liked, so this is on my future to do list. Perhaps include it in my future Net Worth Updates if i get enough time to do so. Anyway, for this one I will just have to write the results.

In the first quarter my average daily views were 59.84 and my total views were 5326 over 89 days.

In the second quarter my average daily views were 113.3 and my total views were 10,197 over 90 days.

In the third quarter my average daily views were 59.48 and my total views were 5413 over 91 days


Overall, very pleased with the results for my third quarter of the 2017 year. How did you go?

8 thoughts on “Q3 2017 Net Worth Update

  1. Pretty good quarter Mr BHL. Think you can be pretty proud of yourself. Nice upward trends (except perhaps the dividends, but that will sort itself out when you just keep going.)

  2. You are doing really well this year. The house is a huge step, and glad you were able to still increase your net income after that purchase. The blog numbers are coming along pretty nice too. Looking forward to seeing you back on here more with new posts. Looks like that has already started to pick up. I like using it as a creative outlet too.

  3. The numbers are moving in the right direction. Congrats again on buying the house. I know how exciting that can be, and it’s good you can have more time to blog. You’re right in that this is a wonderful creative outlet.

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