Net Worth Update – October 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – October 2017

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So a few things different for me this month. Bought some WAM Microcap shares, bought a dog and started to play basketball again.

I have recently purchased some WAM Microcap shares (WMI ASX) as I have been keeping my eye on them recently. I have been watching them since they first listed back in July (I believe) and their performance to date has been fantastic. Like the other WAM Lic’s they buy and sell undervalued stocks on the Australian market. Some of which have increased tremendously since July. Although it is too hard to say how they will perform over the longrun, WAM Lic’s have some of the best record to date for performance.

Typically these Lic’s trade at a premium to NTA due to their consistent performance, for most of their Lic’s they trade at a 15-20% premium (in my recent experience) and that is no exception for WMI. I bought at $1.36 and the NTA is just $1.17… crazy right? I ran through their top holdings that are over 1% of total portfolio, just crunching some of the numbers, on average, the portfolio had increased by 7.44% overall…. and that is to just October, that’s just three months! Keep that effort up and you could potentially see 29.76% performance.. unlikely but that is why I don’t mind paying a premium to NTA for excellent performance.

My girlfreind and I purchased a standard poodle from a family in our capital city and we absolutely love her! Standards are quite the expensive dog :/


Net Worth Update – October 2017

As you can see my Net Worth increased slightly although not a huge amount. As long as it trends upwards then I am more than happy. The reason the increase was so small this month was mainly due to the dog purchase and everything else that comes with it. I’m hoping to save a little more in the next month as I know December will be an expensive month because of Christmas.

My original goal was to reach a Net Worth of 50k by the end of the year. Due to some unforeseen circumstances this will not happen but still happy if I can reach 45k Net Worth. Any increase is an excellent start for me.


Total Forward Dividend Payments

I was paid dividends this month which you can see HERE.

I was paid by:

  • Future Generations (FGX) – $25.30 & $10.84 Franking Credits
  • WAM Research (WAX) – $61.92 & $26.54 Franking Credits
  • Rural Funds REIT (RFF) – $37.44 & $0.00 Franking Credits
  • For a Total of $124.66 in reinvested dividends and $37.38 of tax paid.

Total forward dividends increased by a massive $5.35 a year! Ok, so not massive. This is due to some DRP plans I have in place to reinvest my dividends to increase my forward paying dividend. As I stated earlier, I purchased some WMI, they do not currently pay a dividend but they plan to continually increase dividends every year, to provide a fully franked dividend stream. I am almost expecting them to announce a maiden dividend for perhaps Christmas or early next year of roughly $0.02 per share. This will translate to roughly $18.00 a year in forward income increase, not much but this will only increase over the years and should put me over $600 forward dividends.

Looking forward to finishing this year off with some good savings and good portfolio performance. All the best guys!

23 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – October 2017

  1. Congrats BHL on the purchase of the poodle. You should show us a picture! It’s awesome to see your net worth rise. Definitely moving in the right direction. Also, our forward annual dividends are around the same. Looking forward to seeing you cross the $600 mark.

  2. Hi BHL,
    Yeah, I noticed you and DP hit the same $600 mark for forward dividend income this month. Nice job! It’s great to see you tracking your net worth. If you hit the $45K mark by year’s end then you’ll have doubled your net worth this year…. can’t complain about that growth. I would be interested to see how the net worth breaks down (investments, cash, real estate, etc). Perhaps you can consider that for future posts. Take care.

  3. Balling! I’m back to playing basketball as well.

    Keep up the good months. Almost to 2018 where I’m sure your net worth will continue to rise!

  4. Congrats on the solid month BHL. So lovely you bought a dog – you would expect for such an expensive Poodle it would be renamed the ‘Deluxe’. I like the Wilson Asset Management LIC’s but haven’t been able to convince myself to buy above the NTA. I do sometimes check their major holdings though as part of my ideas generation research. Great performance across the board. Keep up the excellent saving progress!!

  5. Good job on the dog mate. Having a dog makes for a much, much richer life!
    Our dog was horribly expensive, but he’s just awesome 🙂

    Your net worth has almost doubled since the start of the year. That’s some nice progress…

  6. Dogs are expensive, if you are after certain breeds. I want a corgi myself! But the companionship and the laughter you get from them is worth every cent – I certainly think that anyways!

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