Net Worth Update – November 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – November 2017

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A few changes to the portfolio were made this month which I will go over in another post I think. I also bought some Cryptocurrency and man oh man, is that thing volatile. Up 20% one day, down 10% the next. It is an amazing thing to watch and it kind of fun to be involved with, definitely not looking at trading any of it long term. Just wanted to dip my toes in, so to speak, so I am not left behind. Anyway, here are my net worth updates!

Next month should be a lot better, my younger brother moved in as he got  a job nearby so that will help out with the bills and the mortgage payments, December should be a good month.


Net Worth Update – November 2017

Net worth increasing slowly which is nice, I really wanted to hit 50k net worth at the end of the year, won’t reach that goal but closer to 45k would be very nice. That is my goal even after all the Christmas period… let’s see if I can do it!

Total Forward Dividend Payments

I was paid dividends this month which you can see HERE.

I was paid by:

  • Arena REIT $22.72
  • For a Total of $22.72 in reinvested dividends and $0.00 of tax paid.

Total forward dividends were changed a little as I sold out of some not so desirable investments and put it into a (not yet paying) dividend stock that has seen some fantastic growth this year so far. I am thinking they will be announcing a maiden dividend of $0.02 early next year for WAM Microcap.

Looking forward to finishing this year off with some good savings and good portfolio performance. All the best guys!

14 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – November 2017

  1. Awesome BHL. Even though you won’t reach your $50k goal in net worth, it would be good if you can get closer to the $45k goal. Still, that’s positive territory. I’m thinking about tracking my own net worth. With the house I recently bought, I think it’s probably negative (which is why I haven’t sat down and do the math).

  2. Nice job mate!
    I’m not interested in Bitcoin etc. I’m taking the stance that since it doesn’t produce income, it doesn’t belong in my portfolio – no matter how many people become Bitcoin Billionaires 😉

    1. That is an interesting way to think about it. I like it because the market moves so fast and is always on 24/7. I am currently accumulating and trying to get 10-20% freehold on my investments which so far is working. I will probably write a post about this later but it is just a lot of fun to trade like this… gives me a thrill!

  3. Good job on the net worth increases. I did consider dabbling into cryptocurrency several times, but I’m still a bit cautious about it. Seem to volatile to me, maybe I will purchase some lite coin it seem a bit cheaper. Let me know how the crypto currency works out for you and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Jay. It is a wild market. I am lucky enough to have a nice profit in it but don’t think I’ll be cashing out anytime soon. I like leaving it in there and seeing it grow. It really is volatile, a week ago I had $1200 in crypto and today it is $1700. Just crazy.

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