2017 – Year In Review

2017 – My 2017 Year In Review


I will try to keep this as short, sharp and shiny as possible. The best way to do this is through images. I should be able to show my whole complete stats in this post, from my personal goals, financial goals to my website performance. Here we go!


Website Performance

Buy, Hold Long Adsense Performance

Overall, pretty happy with the ads that were run on the site. I put in a fair bit of effort into the website and this almost covers all the cost of running the site for a whole year so overall I am happy if I can break even.

Buy, Hold Long Analytics Performance

Total page views were 28k, not too bad for a website that is only a year old. I really would like to reach 100k page views in the 2018 year… big goal. Let’s see if we can do it!

Buy, Hold Long Sources

Most of my website visits were from comments on other pages and quite a bit from my social media. I would really love to get that organic search up higher, that’s a 2018 goal.


Buy, Hold Long – Top 10 Blog Posts



My 2017 Goals

Goal 1: 10% portfolio increase  ❌

I assume I meant 10% portfolio performance. Unfortunately, I missed this one by a little bit. My portfolio performed c. 7.00% so pretty close but missed it by a little in the end. Regardless, I am hoping to perform over 10% next year.

Goal 2: Invest at least $5000 in the market ✅

At the end of 2016 my portfolio was worth $2598.78, now it is worth $16,377.81, a massive increase for me. A little more than the $5k I originally wanted to input.

Goal 3: Save over $8000 in cash towards my future house deposit ✅

I managed to save well over $8k cash towards the house deposit and guess what? I bought a house!

Goal 4: Get Paid My First Dividend ✅

I totally did get paid my first dividend. Actually, in 2017 I was paid a total of $437.43 in dividends!

Goal 5: Average over 50 views on my blog per day ✅

Looking at the data we got above, total views were 28,052 views in the year which equates to 76.85 views a day… this is a win!


Dividend payments and my net worth will be made in another post, probably made tomorrow.

Overall, reflecting on my 2017 year it was pretty massive for me. I started my dividend journey. I was investing and learning about the market while making a nice little passive income on the side. I hope that one day my dividends can pay for my wage and living expenses and retire early. That is the name of the game right? How did you go?


36 thoughts on “2017 – Year In Review

  1. For your first year you have been going absolutely amazing! Congrats on a great 2017, you can be very proud of yourself. Rooting for you to hit that 100k page views in 2018, will make sure I add a few myself too.

  2. Great work BHL – you had an excellent year massively increasing your portfolio value, getting some awesome page views and being able to buy a freakin house! I’m sure good things are coming your way in 2018! Congratulations on a year well lived!

  3. You killed it this year, BHL. This is especially true with your following. You definitely put in the work to build it up and it shows. Keep it up in 2018 and I’ll be here following as always!

  4. Looks like you had a heck of a year this year BHL! Hitting almost all of your goals. And you blog and portfolio are moving in the right directions. Keep that pace up this year.

    1. 4/5 isn’t too bad… I’d take that on a test any day of the week. I think it may slow down this year due to a few different things I have planned but definitely would like to see it continue to grow. As long as it goes in the upward direction, I am happy.

  5. Good job hitting most of your goals and congrats on growing the blog.

    I just added a bit of ads to my blog as well with a similar goal to yours – cover the cost of running the blog!

  6. Good job on your 2017 goals and love the blog traffic you’re getting, wish I can get the same result also. I will try to focus more on my blog for 2018. Good luck and look forward seeing your portfolio grow in 2018.

  7. 28k view is quite a Ly for the first year. That’s a lot of hustling. Congrats!

    You meant to put in 5k and ended up with $18k, who wouldn’t want that? Hihi

    Cheers to the new year!

  8. Love those fucking wins! They are fantastic. That kind of traffic within a year is VERY impressive (take it from a guy whose site is 8 years old lol). For 2018 – if you are really trying to buy a home remember CASH IS KING, it would be better to have more cash then having to rely on the market not take a nose dive.

  9. Congratulations on an excellent first year. Including the adsense and page view graphs was a nice touch. I’ll probably do something similar for my own 2017 recap. Have a great 2018!


  10. Well done BHL, that’s a great first year and you pretty much hit all of your goals! The portfolio performance was still pretty good, it probably beat the ASX index that’s for sure 🙂

    All the best for 2018!

    Mr DDU

  11. Quite the list of achievements, BHL! That blog traffic is terrific for Year 1, and over $400 in dividends in Year 1 is superb, too. Then throw in buying a new house, and I can only say… Wow! You have been busy. I hope to follow along more closely in 2018. Cheers!

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