If You Invested $1000 This Time Last Year….

If You Invested $1000 This Time Last Year….


As we all know the modern crypto investing scene is pretty crazy at the moment. It seems like some coins are blowing up and some aren’t. But what if you spread the risk over the top 100 coins. That seems like a wiser investment right?

Similar to an ETF or LIC spreading the risk over a lot of stocks/shares reduces the risk.

So for this example, we will say that if you invested $10.00 in each of the top 100 crypto coins. That means in total you would have invested $1000 (100*$10 = $1000).

If you did this with stocks you would be happy with a 10% return from the stock market, but as we know crypto is the wild west of investments.


See Current Year Performance Here!


Here are the top 100 crypto coins as of 8th January 2017.


As you can see we have some pretty popular coins that we all would have heard of… Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. Some also pretty funny named coins too. Trump Coin… really?

Anyway, as I said, if you invested $10 into each of these coins (total $1000) you would have now….. $83,451.41

That is just unbelievable. That is a performance of 8245%.

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Top 10 Performers

As you can see Neo is the best performer over the past year and there are some really familiar names there.


Worst Performers

Some really average coins that I haven’t even heard of before. I included 11 in this one as there was Tether which is supposed to be dollar for dollar so not really an investment.

Overall it has performed really well, I hope it can continue to perform like this in 2018 so we can all make some money!

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24 thoughts on “If You Invested $1000 This Time Last Year….

  1. That is really amazing!

    I’m glad I iniated last year. I only started inQ3 of the last yar but still have a return of 800% at the moment. My only wish is that I had invested more! 🙂

  2. That’s also a great result! I have one or two more coins that I want to speculate one. For the rest I’m going to let it ride for a while. Hopefully XRP will have another rally when it is added to Coinbase at the end of January.

    After a while I’m thinking about cashing a few coins every month to fuel my dividend stock purchases.

    1. That’s a great strategy Mr Robot. I personally don’t like XRP because the owners hold a large share of the tokens and also is largely owned by the banks making it less decentralized. But each to their own. Thanks

  3. Thanks for pointing this out BHL. Even though it’s the wild wild west of investing, it might be worth it if you can spare a little to invest in crypto currencies. Worst case, you lose your investment. Best case, you could make 8000%. Amazing.

    1. 8000% is just absurd. I don’t think this year will be that good but you’d be silly not to throw a little cash at it and see what happens. Worst case scenario you are out a couple hundred bucks.

  4. Shoulda, woulda, coulda….. Right? This post just highlights the insane amount of gains that have been made over the last year. It kind of puts things into perspective when looking at other manias throughout history. I still like the crypto world and think there is a strong future for the tech and applications. I’m HODL my BTC, LTC and ETH with no plans to sell for a while. Thanks for compiling.

    1. Thanks DivHut, that’s right, hindsight is 20-20. I have a little invested in it and looking to HODL too. I have a figure in mind where I would just cash out everything but that is well away. For now, I just let it ride and enjoy the roller coaster that is crypto.

  5. Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful
    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
    When the taxi driver is telling your to invest in something, it is too late.

    How do you determine the fair value of a cryptocurrency? Why do you believe it will increase or decrease in the future?

    1. All great quotes.
      I look for the product, is it being used? Does it need to be it’s own coin? Why does it need to be a coin and not a stock? Would I use it in everyday life?
      Those are just some of the questions I ask before I invest in crypto.

      1. It’s really hard to say indeed. It’s just incredible how much some coins have risen in value in 2017, which makes you wonder if the same is possible in 2018. On the other hand crypto’s and blockchain in general are still in a very very early phase. I think there’s a very high chance of profit if this strategy is used this year, but my expectation is that percentage wise profit will be less.

        1. It will be a lot lower than selecting a few great coins. But I guess that’s why you select the top 100 in a index fund style to diversify your purchases to reduce risk. Will be interesting to see how 2018 fairs compared to 2017. Thanks for the comment.

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