Cryptocurrency Year To Date Performance – Live Sheet

A Year To Date Live Performance of the Top 150 Crypto Coins


I created the automatically updating crpytocurrency Google Sheet using CryptoFinance. I took the top 150 coins as of the 31st December 2017 and added them to a Google Sheet. I then used the CryptoFinance to pull the current price of all crypto, then calculated the performance since that date.

Then using this performance data I arranged them into the Best Top 20 Performing Cryptocurrency and then also the Worst 20 Performers.

This should automatically update the crypto prices every 20 minutes (I believe) and then should also automatically update the Best and Worst Performers for the year.


If you would like to see what Cryptocurrency Coins I own, then click here.

What about if you invested $1000 last year, how much would that be worth now?


Click here for the full Google Sheet

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Net Worth 2017

4 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Year To Date Performance – Live Sheet

    1. Hi Erik. The prices are taken from Coin Market Cap so not sure why they are so different, must use different exchanges than what they display on their own site. Regardless, it gives a good indicator at the performance.

  1. Looks like there’s an error in the sheet as I’m getting a lot of N/A values from the vlookup. Crypto is pretty crazy and these wild price hikes are sure a ride for anyone invested in them. I recently wrote a post about some of my experiences and while I’m not a heavy investor, I do have some play money in there just so I can say I was there :).

    1. I will check it out. As far as the N/A goes, it uses the Coin Market Cap API which I think is limiting uses per user so not 100% why I have been limited. It shouldn’t be long and it will be back up.

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