Yearly Wrap Up – December Net Worth – 2017

Monthly Net Worth Update – December 2017

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If you’ve been following me you would have seen that I have been tweeting and writing a few posts about Crypto. I really like the field and how it is changing everyday life. I have a real life story about PayPal and Fiat money which I may share in the future. Long story short, PayPal suck and refuse to help me even though I got scammed. Why do I pay fees if there are no insurances. Their support team is useless too.. anyway that’s a different story.


Net Worth Update – December 2017

Net Worth increased over the month which I am happy with. A bit of this was due to crypto gains which is handy but not 100% safe until I have that money in cash. A long time till I ever cash that out. Overall Net Worth increased by 8.27% for the month which is fantastic. Wish I could continually increase by 8%.

Over the year my Net Worth increased from $22,753.78 to $46,482.09 which is an increase of $23,728.31 or 104% over the year…. I doubled my Net Worth in a year!

I won’t be able to replicate this next year (2018) but I am really hoping to get my Net Worth to $70k. I will create a blog and life goals in the near future.

Total Forward Dividend Payments

I was paid dividends this month which you can see HERE.

I was paid by:

  • WAM Leaders LIC – $34.94 reinvested and $14.97 paid in tax.
  • For a Total of $34.94 in reinvested dividends and $14.97 of tax paid.
  • Total Dividends Paid for the year $437.43

At the start of the year my forward dividend was $285.70 and at the end of the year it is $565.39 which is an increase of $279.69 or an increase of 97.9%… almost 100%. I would really like to get my forward dividends to $1000 this year, it will be harder due to a job change but I hope my side hustles can bring in some money so I can make it. Fingers crossed.



Overall, I am very happy with how my 2017 went. I bought a house, invested, got into crypto (arguably too late) and have had a great year overseas as well.

2018 will bring a new job working for my fathers business that has a very high growth projection (growing 20% with no advertising). This is a risky move for me as I am moving away from a better paying job which is secure with all the benefits in search for something that could be earning millions in the long run. January will see my 26th Birthday and hopefully set off a great year for me and my GF. Fingers crossed, this move these next couple years could mean the difference in retiring early or having to work for a very long time. But as the saying goes, you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

7 thoughts on “Yearly Wrap Up – December Net Worth – 2017

  1. Would you guys also like me to include my crypto trades for the month and what I am liking. I am in no way someone who you should take advice for. Just curious if other people are interested in the space.

  2. BHL –

    Great article and congratulations on doubling your net worth! Hopefully you are also doing what you love and have a balance to your life. Keep adding to that dividend portfolio young one, you’re doing great.


  3. Congrats on doubling your net worth and a successful year BHL. I actually just calculated my net worth using Personal Capital, but haven’t decided if I am going to post it online. But, I think it’s a good number to know.

    I’m always interested in what’s going on in the crypto markets, so, I would definitely be interested in your trades, and why you chose those particular coins. In any case, good luck with 2018 and hopefully the job moves works out for you in your favor.

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