Investing $1000 in 2017 Revisited – Part 2

By | January 15, 2018

If You Invested $1000 At The Start of Last Year (2017)….




As we all know the modern crypto investing scene is pretty crazy at the moment. It seems like some coins are blowing up and some aren’t. We will take a look at a $1000 investment into crypto. What is the better way to invest? Is it Putting it all into one coin, is it putting some into the top 10 coins, what about the top 50 coins? We will take a look at what was the best way to invest $1000 into crypto over the past year. Please note the prices will be different compared to my last post. This post will be focusing on the price of every coin as of the date January 1st 2017 to today’s value. As it takes a lot more time to find historical prices, I just used a live API list to get current price to save me time.


Spreading your investments over multiple coins will reduce your risk. Doing this may make your investments safer, but always remember that crypto is a crazy game, you can lose everything here. I am not a financial adviser.


See Current Year Performance Here!


Before we get started, if you are looking to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin, then be sure to sign up with Coinbase. If you sign up and buy $100 USD worth of cryptocurrency then both you and I will receive an extra $10 worth of Bitcoin. This is a great incentive for both of us and I hope you take advantage of it. Sign up HERE.


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$1000 into the Top 10 Coins ($100 * 10 = $1000)

$1000 into the Top 20 Coins ($50 *20 = $1000)

$1000 into the Top 50 Coins ($20 * 50 = $1000)

$1000 into the top 75 coins ($13.33 * 75 = $1000)


Performance Comparison

As you can see a lot of these performed really well. If you decided to pick any of these “investment strategies” then you would be well ahead of the pack. Diversifying your portfolio is always a great idea. Please remember that this is not investment advice. It will be interesting to see how the Top 10, 20, 50 and 100 perform in the 2018 year.


If you are looking to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin, then be sure to sign up with Coinbase. If you sign up and buy $100 USD worth of cryptocurrency then both you and I will receive an extra $10 worth of Bitcoin. This is a great incentive for both of us and I hope you take advantage of it. Sign up HERE.


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22 thoughts on “Investing $1000 in 2017 Revisited – Part 2

  1. Dividend--Portfolio

    Excellent BHL. Unfortunately hindsight is 20/20. But, it’s an indication that even with just a small amount of money invested, one can earn a high rate of returns in crypto currencies. Nothing is guaranteed of course, and one should only invest with money they can afford to lose. But, this just encourages me to dabble into that market some more.

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      Thanks for that Div-Port. It really is a crazy market to be in. Overall it is pretty fun but yes, you have to be prepared to lose it all. Cheers

  2. Mr. ATM

    I don’t know BHL, investing in crypto currencies sounds more like gambling to me than investing. Every day l hear about some new crypto currency and some govt crack down.

    There is nothing backing these currencies other than their popularity which changes all the time.

    I would feel better spreading my money down on a roulette table than crypto currencies. But then that’s just me.

    In any case good luck to you as there is nothing else to evaluate here.

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      No problem Mr. ATM. Each to their own. I believe there are some solid projects and uses of the cryptocurrencies. Time will tell which way this goes. If you don’t feel safe “investing” or “gambling” on cryptos then that is perfectly fine too.

  3. Superior Returns

    I think that there’s a lot of coins out there that offer not real use case – they all have white papers that promise to do “XYZ” but only a handful of them actually have real use cases and are being adopted by consumers or businesses.

    Funnily enough, the handful of those who are useful are the ones that a lot of “investors” are avoiding.

  4. The Dividend Mogul

    WOW! These returns would have been amazing! Did you invest in any of these or joined in recently? Seems like a lifetime of gains in one year LOL. Diversification is definitely key not just between cryptocurrencies but all different types of asset classes. Wouldn’t be a bad idea in my opinion to designate a small percentage of your portfolio to crypto.


    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      Thanks TDM, as per your other comment, yes I do have a little in crypto. I am up quite an amount and will look to return those profits into more investments over the long run. Looking at this long term. Cheers

  5. CrackLord

    I’d like to see what the results would be like if you invested in the top 25 to top 50 coins. It seems that exposure to low market cap coins can result in very large gains, even if a lot them incur losses.

  6. Shawn @ NMI

    This is fantastic – thank you for the info BHL!

    It’s crazy to think that just $1,000.00 could be the key to massive amounts of wealth through crypto. I’ve only been trading it for about six months, but even I’m up by over 500%. My small crypto-portfolio hovers around $5,000.00, and I have not quite a thousand bucks invested.

    While I hate the idea of losing money, the fact that it’s possible to make 50x your initial investment is almost too good to be ignored. A thousand bucks isn’t really that much either, in the grand scheme of things.

    You’ve inspired me to try this for myself. I bought 43 different currencies throughout the top 100 yesterday and I plan on holding them until early 2019. I’ll be charting its progress throughout the next year on my site. Thanks again for the info!

    Here’s to another great year in crypto!

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      Thanks for that. I will definitely keep checking your site to see how it performs. It is really an interesting concept and I hope it pays off for all. All the best.

    2. Mr. Robot

      Well Shawn, you could not have picked a better timing to start with the all time lows of yesterday. Could luck on your crypto adventure and be sure to keep your coins offline in a secure hardware wallet.

  7. RichestManInLondon (@RichestManInLDN)

    Hey BHL, this is a very useful demonstration of the power of diversification.

    How long did it take to put this post together out of curiosity?

    I’m in crypto too but I’ve taken a break this January to focus elsewhere so sadly haven’t been able to buy any dips!

    I think its unfair when people say that investing in crypto is gambling. If anything, it’s a speculative investment – how do you see it?

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      I see it as speculative investment. Many would argue but I think gambling has a large possibility of the outcome being zero. I don’t see how some of the quality projects could reach zero but that’s just me.
      Took me maybe an hour or two to get those figures together. Makes it a lot easier if you know some basic VBA. Cheers.

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