Net Worth Update – January 2018

Monthly Net Worth Update – January 2018


It’s a new year and so much has happened already. I am a little late with this report… almost 3 weeks. But I have been very busy. So busy in fact that I am now ENGAGED!

My girlfriend and I were over in Melbourne for the past few days and I finally decided to pop the question. She said yes of course, now we have the crazy planning stage coming up. I think it should be fun but definitely looking forward to having it all finished and be married.



Net Worth January 2018

A nice little increase this month. I believe that this year will be used for more debt paying off rather than investing but that is alright as it increases my net worth in the end so I am still happy to do that. And now I have a wedding to pay for as well!


Forward Paying Dividends January 2018

Dividends reinvested to create more forward income. I don’t expect this to increase dramatically but you never know. Fingers crossed.


Dividends Paid

I was paid by one company in January 2018. I was paid by Rural Funds Group.

I was paid $37.86 cash and paid $0.00 in tax as this is a REIT. I reinvested this cash to purchase another 16 shares adding a total of $1.60 to my forward dividend income.


Overall a pretty solid month. Net worth increased 5.55% and some really exciting things happened in my life. Looking forward to the new me.

I hope I can invest over the year but as I said this year will mostly be used for paying off debts. I am still investing in Crypto and I hope that can help explode my net worth.

How was your January?


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  1. Congrats on your engagement! Just remember there are many ways to have a wedding, expensive and cheap – eloping to Hawaii is a nice option if you want to save a few dollars!! But I guess it’s usually the girl and / or extended family that determine your wedding requirements…

  2. Congratulations on engagement BHL!

    Have a fun wedding and don’t go crazy. I found people loved my backyard wedding because it was simple and people could just relax.

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