April 2018 – Net Worth Update

Monthly Net Worth Update – April 2018


Well…. it’s been a long time. I’ve been super busy with my new job I haven’t really had time to focus on the blog.

Long story short, not much happened in March. Paying for stuff for the wedding slowly, settling in at the new job. No dividends paid in March and only slight increase on Net Worth, not much to report.


Net Worth April 2018

Forward Paying Dividends February 2018

I sold some under performing shares at a loss and saved a little bit of money during April to buy CDM. They pay a healthy dividend which I just missed out on. Average forward dividend decreased in March due to my sell but then increased with new money injection and a buy in April.

There are 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days and 8760 hours in a year.

On average my dividends pay me $60.84 a month, $14.04 a week, $2.00 a day or $0.08 an hour.

Dividends Paid

A massive month in April, I was paid by 5 different companies.

WAM Leaders – $44.45 in dividends and $19.05 in tax.
WAM Microcap – $33.50 in dividends and $14.36 in tax.
FGX – $25.30 in dividends and $10.84 in tax.
WAM Research – $67.26 in dividends and $28.83 in tax.
Rural Funds – $38.26 in dividends and $0.00 in tax.

A total of $208.77 in dividends and $73.08 paid in tax on my behalf by the companies. All dividends were reinvested to increase forward dividend income. My biggest month yet!

12 thoughts on “April 2018 – Net Worth Update

  1. Welcome back BHL! Your insights have been missed, but life sometimes gets in the way. And that’s not even a bad thing mind you!

    Some nice results for April, congratulations on the record!

  2. Hey bhl

    Congrats on the net worth increase and solid month of dividends! Love the hourly, weekly etc breakdown.

    Like you i have been swamped with work and my blog has lagged recently.

    Keep it up

  3. Congrats on the wedding BHL. You have to set priorities in life. No need to excuse for that !

    Don’t forget to make the money grow :-))

    Greetings to your future wife. Cheers

  4. $2.00 a day is nothing to sneeze at – there are many many people in the world who don’t earn that much!

    WAM seem to be ticking along nicely for you. A lot of Aussie investors seem to be fans of this group of listed investment companies. Great that you’re reinvesting those dividends, the net worth growth will end up taking care of itself with that strategy.

    Cheers, Frankie

  5. Sounds like you have a lot going on BHL, but it’s good to see you back. By the way, I LOVE how you break down the amount that the dividends are paying you per month, week, day, and hour. That’s just awesome and a great way to visualize your progress. I might adopt that approach.

  6. I know how hard it is to keep a blog updated with work and wedding planning…I am doing it too! Thanks for your April update. I love how informative your graphs are. The color scheme is perfect. It conveys a ton of information very quickly.


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