Half Year Net Worth – June 2018

Half Yearly Net Worth – June 2018

I did say I was going to still do some posts on my Net Worth. It’s very slow moving and it’s going to take quite the hit once all the wedding has been paid. It’s gonna hurt! But all for a good cause. Looking to increase my forward dividend income this month, as per my post earlier here. I challenged you to see if you could increase your forward dividend income by over 4%. Can you do it?



Net Worth – June 2018

Net Worth increased slowly over the past two months. Trending upwards which is nice to see. Yet to see any massive months this year, mainly due to a new job which pays less but has improved my mood tenfold.


Forward Dividend Income – June 2018

Dividends reinvested to increase forward income by a massive $1.76 a year, watch out early retirement!


Dividends Paid – June 2018

No dividends paid in the month of June but I did receive some in May. May was an increase of 10.2% on previous year, so I am happy with those sorts of increases.


Average Dividend Payments – June 2018

Just a little bit of fun, an interesting way to put your dividend income. On average I make $2.00 a day with dividend income, hoping to increase that before the years end!



Our wedding is coming up soon, in 3 months and between that and work I have been super busy. I am trying to post more often here on the blog as it still seems to get on average 50 views a day even when I’m not posting. I would have killed for those sorts of views in the first year with no work but here I am squandering it all. I will try to do better.

A few little updates for me. I made two apps for the app store, both are pretty terrible but I am still learning. One has 50 downloads in about two weeks, I will work on my development skills and see if I can create something that is actually decent.

Worked out a little better payment for my job, a little hard to explain but it basically means I will be on a higher wage than I was last year.

I am well on track to make my 4% increase in forward dividends, even a little more if savings goes well!

I’ve updated the Dividend Tracking Page… I am still going to work on it as it’s not quite what I want.


How was your half yearly results?



11 thoughts on “Half Year Net Worth – June 2018

  1. Good luck with the wedding BHL. You have quite a lot going on. Even though your overall net worth hasn’t increased by a lot, it is still moving in the right direction. It would be great for you to keep posting to maintain the blog, but totally understand that life can sometimes get in the way. Regardless though, I’m glad that you’re in a new position at work that you like and managed to work out an increase in pay. Looking forward to seeing how the challenge goes with the forward annual dividends.

  2. Thanks for sharing! How did you get started at developing? Are you planning for it to be producing somewhat of an income outside of your primary job?
    Also good to see that your blog is getting some views – I recently started my own in the hopes of getting some similar traction but we’ll see how it goes.

  3. Iā€™m in the same boat – Iā€™m getting married in November and my (ver modest!) net worth will be basically wiped out! At least Iā€™m getting a lovely husband šŸ˜‰

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