And Your Winner Is…..

Stock Picking Game 2017-18


If you can recall, a while back now, that I created a stock picking game where there were 10 players. Each player was able to pick any stock they wanted and also another stock that had a microcap under 300 Million. There were some other rules and if you would like to check the original post to see all the rules and players, then CLICK HERE to see the original Stock Picking Game.

I actually was pleased with how many people wanted to be involved in this little game I created and I will open it up again but with another twist. I have a few ideas, just need the time to get it all together.

Now as my blog was small and I didn’t have a lot to offer, the prizes were for guest posts on my site and any other way that I could really help. I might even let the winner choose a new rule for the next game.


And Now the Winner Is…..

This is the full stats of the Stock Picking Game. Here you can see the purchase price of the stock, the end price of the stock and any dividends paid. Then it will show a percentage increase or decrease. Overall, the first stock had a 60% weighting and the microcap had a 40% weighting, this then gives our final score and percentage increase.

A simplified version of the results to make it easier to see.



First Prize:  Gold – Buy Hold Long Award to be posted on your site and 3 Guest Posts on my website.

Second Prize: Silver – Buy Hold Long Award to be posted on your site and 1 Guest Post on my website.

Third Prize: Bronze – Buy Hold Long Award to be posted on your site.

Fourth to Tenth: Shout-out on the final post thanking you for participating.




First Place goes to Roadmap 2 Retire – Website Here 

Second Place goes to Dividend Monkey – Website Here

Third Place goes to DivHut – Website Here

Fourth Place goes to Dividend Diplomats – Website Here


Overall, everyone did really well. Congrats to the winners, please email me so we can organise the prizes including your award pictures.

10 thoughts on “And Your Winner Is…..

  1. I was really excited for a minute when my name “Data Lore” showed up second on the chart. I thought for a minute that I came in second PLACE. Then I saw the position number and realized the truth. Congrats to all the winners and participants!

    Awesome putting this together BHL. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    1. Thanks for the comment MM. That’s actually interesting. Some of these were Australian stocks, American stocks and Canadian stocks. Not impossible to work out but maybe a little more work than I want to do haha.

  2. Nice and fun little contest, thanks BHL. Too bad the second place winner dividend monkey hasn’t posted since about February. These games are hard to win. A lot can happen to a stock in a year. Thanks for the opportunity to play.

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