My 2018 Year

What a year 2018 was. I particularly had a good year, not so much financially, but overall it was a fantastic year for me. I got married, invested a little bit of money (would have liked to invest more) and started a new job with my Dad.

The new job was a pretty high risk to me and my fiance at the time. I was leaving a very secure local government job (with limited growth) to a job that paid less (not by much) and less security. The reason for this is the potential growth that the business can bring. Already in the 10 months I have been working there, we have been able to secure a very large contract to supply one of Australia’s largest Pet Wholesalers that supply to over 700 stores. This exposure for a small business (2 full time and one casual employee) is massive. I personally reached out to a couple more wholesalers in the Eastern States of Australia and they have taken us on as well. This calendar year we have seen well over 120% growth in sales. It’s a great feeling. Next calendar and financial year should be great for us.

Net Worth

Net worth increased over the year. It peaked in August/September right before our wedding in October. WEDDINGS ARE EXPENSIVE!

Forward Dividends

My forward dividend income increased from an estimated $565.39 to $906.16 over the year. Keep that increase coming.

I like to take an average over the months to give it a real sense of how my dividends are working for me. Overall, I make almost $2.50 a day on dividends. I also like to think of it as a working week total. I usually work 38-40 hours a week. This means that on top of my regular wage my dividends add $0.46 every hour. Not a bad promotion for letting my money for the work for me.

Dividends Received

It’s a little difficult because some shares I sold due to under-performance and I didn’t like the direction they were heading. So next year should be a lot better for tracking dividends as the incomes should be same time as I received them this year.

Final Say

In 2018 I received $720.27 in dividend income (with some tax paid) and in 2017 I received $437.43, which is an increase of $282.84, which is a 64.66% increase YoY. Obviously, this is high due to the lower amount of dollars. So far in 2019 my total forward income is $906. Which is a 25.80% increase on last year already. Looking to add to it to make that even larger.

20 thoughts on “My 2018 Year

  1. Well done!!! My net worth also took a hit this year as I got married too. But it feels good to be building it back up again. And I’m so grateful I didn’t have to go into debt for my wedding, like so many people do!

    1. Thanks for your comment Aisha. So many people (including my brother/sister in law and sister in law) get married with debt. They spend a huge amount of money on that one single day. It hurts me to see that much money spent on a single day. Each to their own. Cheers

  2. Congrats on your marriage as well as the new career path with your dad; sounds like both are off to great starts and I wish you all the best!

    You had some nice growth this year and are off to a smashing start in 2019! I like the breakdown by month, week, day, and hour as well. That really gives it a perspective on how that is supplementing your income on a regular basis. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi EPF.
      I calculate my forward dividend using Google Sheets. I know what the company is going to pay in a dividend per share. This gives me my estimated total forward dividend.

      To calculate average monthly I just divide estimated forward income by 12. Hourly rate depends on how many hours you work a year. For total hours in a year it’s 8760 (365*24).

      If you need any help feel free to ask.

  3. Hey BHL,
    just found your blog and I’m stunned by your detailed report. Very nice! And congrats to your marriage and your decision to work with your dad. I always like the idea behind family business and it’s nice to hear, there is one more which will thrive. Best of luck to you!

    I also like your breakdowns – very motivational. I just calculated my “daily dividend income rate” and I’m just above $8.63. Never thought about that! 🙂

    All the best for 2019 and I hope you’ll crush your goals!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll check your site out as well. Be sure to take a look at my dividend bloggers feed if you’d like to see similar sites.

      Wow $8.63 a day is awesome. Must be a great feeling to be sitting at home earning money. Your money at work 🙂

  4. All those life changing events last year … Congrats on all and a great YoY! Just don’t get discouraged when the law of large numbers catches up with you! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Charlie. I totally agree. A 20% increase now sounds fantastic but it really isn’t huge in the numbers side of things (ie. 20% increase on $1k compared to $100k). But I am looking forward to getting to that level. Cheers

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