My Goals For 2019

I have compiled a new list of things I would like to complete during the year of 2019. These goals are basically all for the website and investing. I think most of these are achievable and realistic goals. Let’s see how I go with these goals. You can keep track of them on the right hand side in the sidebar.

• Create 24 Posts – Self explanatory

• Receive highest Dividend ever! – Currently sitting at $277.19 in October 2018

• Average 50 Views per day for a month – Sitting around 34 views a day

• Average 100 Views per day for a month 

• Average 200 Views per day for a month

• Invest 20k into Market – Check out my Live Portfolio Here

• Invest 25k into Market

• Invest 30k into Market

• $1000 Forward Dividend Payment – Check out my Live Portfolio Here – Currently $900+ forward dividend income.

• $1250 Forward Dividend Payment

• $1500 Forward Dividend Payment

• Increase Net Worth to 60k – Check Out My Last Net Worth Update – Currently 57.5k

• Increase Net Worth to 70k

• Increase Net Worth to 80k

I think most of these goals are quite achievable. I would really like if I could get the blog up and running again. I always get some more motivation at the end of the year and some time to think about what I would like to achieve for the year. Hopefully this time around I can stay a little more committed to the blog and produce some good content for all to read.

What are some goals that you want to complete in 2019?

13 thoughts on “My Goals For 2019

  1. You’ve got some really nice goals, and I like how you have added multiple tiers for many of them. Here is to great year with you able to achieve all of these goals!

  2. Some very attainable goals and some of mine are similar to yours. Although, research shows that when people tell other people their goals, they’re less likely to achieve them. My blog covers this psychology research and multiple investing topics. I look forward to reading more of your new posts this year.

  3. Great to see some new goals rolling out. I still need to work on figuring out exactly where we ended 2018 for some of our goals and start getting some 2019 ones ready. I have some rough ideas but need to know where I’m starting from first.

    I think you’re short changing yourself a bit on the forward dividend income goal. If you meet the $20k investment goal at just a 2% dividend weighted yield on that capital that’s an additional $400 of forward dividends at 3% yield that pushes you up over your $1,500 forward dividend goal. All the best and looking forward to checking out your posts.

  4. I have found that instead of saying I want X viewers it may be more beneficial for yourself (and that future unknown reader) if you explain HOW you are going to get X Views. Just a thought! Something a bit more actionable (like your 24 post goal) maybe keep you motivated

  5. Great job … Good to find someone I can relate to.. i’ll be 26 this year ..
    Going through your site, there is only one thing i don’t understand… how do you calculate your net worth…
    I mean, what do you include?
    I think a breakdown will give a better picture to someone reading
    something like :
    Net worth, 57,000
    cash: 7000
    Retirement account (Super) – 26,000
    Shares and stocks: 21,000
    Home equity – 3000

    something like that….

    i’ve seen quite a number of other FIRE bloggers doing this and it really gives a better understanding because some people consider some things Assets which some other people don’t. Things like equity in a house for example… It just helps to get a clearer understanding..

    Keep up the good work

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