How do you track Forward Dividend Income?

Over the time that I have ran this blog a few people have asked me how to track their forward dividend income, sometimes referred to as Projected Annual Dividend Income (PADI), but for me, I like to just call it Forward Dividend Income.

So I have made a Google Sheet (Free to use for all) to help explain how I track my forward dividend income and how to get that estimated amount you make per hour, per day etc. I like to use this method to keep me motivated. For me, currently on average, I make $2.48 a day and every single hour of the day I make $0.10 (even when I sleep). I know what you’re thinking, 10 cents an hour to sleep, sweet, sign me up!

Visit Google Sheets

Or simply click this link here to access the following pictures!

Click File and then Make a Copy.

You can click Ok or rename to what you would like – My Forward Dividend Income – for example.

You can also click on “Make Your Own Live Stock Portfolio” if you wish to change the name at a later date.

To make sure the prices for your stocks are correct, please go to – Add-Ons and click on Get Add-Ons

Type in the search bar (top right) and search for “Cryptofinance”. Then click add or Manage. Make sure “Use in this document” is ticked.

Fill in your information. I have included a few examples for you to get a hang of it. For this example, I have included my holding of Arena REIT here in Australia. I currently hold 763 shares of this company and they pay a dividend of $0.135 a share. Your Annual Income will be calculated automatically. Same with the yield and weight.

The Australian market is depicted by the “ASX:ARF” call followed by “price”, this gets the live price of Arena REIT (delayed by 20 mins or so).

The second stock I have included is Apple. You can see how the “Cryptofinance” tool calls the price. The default market is the US markets. But not to worry, you can call prices for other stocks on other markets, like the ASX, Canadian Markets etc. Please see HERE for a list of all commands to call for your sheet. For this example I have included everything needed.

Another example of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

And that is about it. Add in all your stocks and voila, you can now predict your total forward dividend income. How good is that! Show me what you come up with. I am looking forward to seeing the results. Cheers

6 thoughts on “How do you track Forward Dividend Income?

  1. Awesome – didn’t realize you could pull down live data in the spreadsheet from google finance. I’m usually happy doing the manual entries (just to be sure!), but also use CapitalIQ if I need some hardcore data downloads.

    Cheers, Frankie

    1. It’s quite a useful tool Frankie. You can get quite a lot of information through this API and it’s very user friendly. I’ve also contacted the creator a couple times via Telegram and he usually replies within a day or so. Cheers

  2. Love it! Already added to my spreadsheet with my other info (other tabs are put watch list, actual dividend income, margin interest, and option income/loss)

  3. Each month, I total up:
    1. Future annual income from new investments made in that month
    2. Future annual income from dividend raises on shares I already own
    3. Future annual income from dividend reinvestments.

    All three are simple (# of shares) x (current annual dividend) calculations. I have a chart that is my favorite visualization of my dividend income progress over time.

    It’s too sloppy to share publicly, but I plan to clean it up and put it out there for everyone to see.

    1. I do something very similar DD. I love to see it grow. One thing I recently added was a yield on cost. This is simply the (current dividend)*(# of shares)/original cost. Some of my investments are showing some nice returns from dividend increases plus reinvestments. Always good to see your money growing.

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