Is the online FIRE and Dividend Investing Community Dying?

By | January 28, 2019

Way back when… in the last few days before we changed our calendars from 2016 to 2017 (December 29th I started to be exact)… I would always browse these dividend and FIRE pages. Some were simple blogs using the WordPress website and some were using their own domain names. It really didn’t matter. I was so interested in this community that I decided in October 2016 that I was going to join you all. I really liked the thought of making your money work for you and I really liked the fact of passive income growth over time. So…. I created Buy, Hold Long.

Back in late 2016 and early 2017 I still remember looking up to the big guns and thinking wow I wish I could be like them, to be honest, I still do. They make more money on dividends than I could ever dream of. Some of these guys (and girls) I would call them the OG’s of dividend investing. (OG meaning old school basically).

I remember seeing posts from DivGro, DivHut and Dividend Diplomats. I am still very glad to see them still kicking along, if anything, Dividend Diplomats are posting more now than I actually remember back then (well done Bert and Lanny).

What Creators Have Shut Down?

Now remember I have only been interested in this community for less than 3 years but I still remember these people posting to their site and spending hours reading their other content.

Captain Dividend

I remember getting a little bit of traffic from his site as I was in the blogroll. The numbers he put up of dividends received were definitely something to be aspired to. Does anyone know what happened? His site now is hosted to sell.

Dividend Mantra

While Dividend Mantra is no longer really posted to, the guy behind it is still definitely around. Maybe you’ve heard of him? He’s only the guy you wish you could be. Look at the situation he is in. Financially independent living the life in Thailand. One can only dream. While Dividend Mantra is no longer posted to, Jason’s other site Mr. Free @ 33 is very active and posts a lot of great articles.

Dividend Monkey

Dividend Monkey’s site is still alive today, it doesn’t seem like it has been posted to since February 2018. Almost a year and no Monkey in sight.

2 Investing

I really liked hearing and reading from Scott. He seemed to almost always comment on my posts. But unfortunately he is no longer posting. His last post was from 9th June 2018.

Race 2 Retirement

Now this page was one of my all time favourites. I really liked the idea behind this one. Basically he wanted to earn $3000 a month in dividend income and he wanted to achieve this in as little as 3000 days. Seems reasonable for someone who is dedicated to the cause. Unfortunately, his last post was July 21st, 2018, and we haven’t heard from him since.

Divi Cents

Steve used to post about once a month. His last post was in August 2018 and we haven’t seen him post since. His journey was a little different as he was using rental income to help with passive income. He was also an avid believer in living frugally.

Where Have These Bloggers Gone?

While it is sad to see them go, it makes you wonder if they ever think about coming back to the blog. While I don’t actually think the FIRE and Dividend Investing community is dying (sorry for the click bait), I think there have been just as many if not more people come into the community and start their own blogs.

I really hope we continue to grow and get more people on this path towards financial independence. Below are some of the up and comer blogs I have seen which I love to read, if you know of any others leave a comment so I can check them out.

Newer Bloggers

Dividends Down Under
Dividend Diplomats
Divvy Dad
Frankie Finance
Team CF
Journey To Millions
Dividend Portfolio

I’m sure there are many more but these are a few that come to mind.

18 thoughts on “Is the online FIRE and Dividend Investing Community Dying?

  1. DivvyDad

    As someone that was in the blogging space many years ago and then took a break, I can appreciate the challenges that we all face in managing our blogs and why some people step away. I will note that Scott @ 2 Investing is where I found the basis of my dividend portfolio spreadsheet so while not active I am glad that site is still online.

    Thanks for the mention in the list of new bloggers to the DGI community as well! I am happy to be part of this community and hopefully making a positive contribution.

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      I’ve really enjoyed your comments on my posts and seeing you active on other bloggers sites too. It’s good that we can all contribute and learn from each other.

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      That would be great Frankie. But somehow I don’t think the Dividend Monkey was from Australia. Hmmmmm maybe I’ll have to dig further into it to find out 🙂

  2. EngineeringDividends

    Hi BHL. I often wonder about blogging that stops or sites that disappear as well. I had similar thoughts when Captain Dividend and 2 Investing weren’t posting regularly anymore. In most cases, I’m sure their life just gets busy. In Scott’s case over at 2 Investing, I think we was preparing to get married if I’m not mistaken.
    One site I miss seeing now is Dividend Reaper, as his video posts were always unique and enjoyable.
    I would suspect their fire still burns for DGI… hopefully they can make a return one day, even if it’s a site under another name.

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      I thought that Captain Dividend was one of the top blogs in the community. Shame to see it go.

      As for 2 investing, I can totally understand. I recently got married and it takes a huge amount of time and effort.

      Ahhh Dividend Reaper, I remember the videos too. Such a shame.

  3. desidividend

    Yep Captain dividend was one of the ones i followed regularly. Maybe they got busy in life.
    But as you said we see new ones .DIvgro,dividend diplomats are leading the charge now.

  4. DivHut

    I don’t think the community is shrinking at all… just evolving. Blogs come and go over the years but the community as a whole remains strong. I have a feeling there will always be dividend/income/FIRE blogs in some form but I do miss some regular posts from some ‘old timers.’

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      I do too DivHut. Some of the old timers posts were so good. But now we have new creators putting out content just as good. So not all is lost. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Charlie

    When I stumbled onto this community in 2013, as part of my rehab I created a database of blogs which had portfolios provided. Of the ones identified, 41% have gone inactive. While I’m sure some have died (none of us are immortal), others have attained their version of FIRE and there are some that have found greater meaning to life than creating/publishing content. One has to wonder as to the even greater success that could have been Dividend Mantra’s had he continued building his brand – but personal happiness is the real goal here and cash accelerated him reaching that end.

    Others have made the decision that other asset classes carry greater reward (real estate, crypto) and have followed the siren song elsewhere.

    It’s the interlopers that irritate me – the ones that arrive with great fanfare, attempt to monetize every aspect and subsequently realize DGI is a journey rather than a get rich quick scheme. One (prior to going dormant) actually posted that DGI takes too long to bear fruit. Just my 2 cents worth …

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      Thanks for that in-depth comment. I wouldn’t have guessed it to be that high, 41% seems quite high. It’s a shame to see so many leave after they reach fire, some obviously would have passed so that takes a few out.

      I agree. The people who know about dividend investing know it’s the LONG game. It’s not a get rich quick scheme like crypto or other systems. It takes a long time to reach fire but it’s a more stable way to do it.

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. I love your work. Feel like we usually pick the same sort of shares, although, you have more cash to spend than me 😛

  6. Mr. Robot

    The one I really miss is Mr. ATM, he always had insightful comments and advice.

    It’s sometimes difficult to stay on track. We all recognize that time is our most valuable asset. Blogging has my lowest priority at the moment and I guess for a lot of others it’s the same.


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