15 thoughts on “Passive Income Received in February 2019

    1. Thanks PCI. I’ve been meaning to create a YouTube with tutorials on how to make money via admob but just haven’t got the time yet. So far I’ve made a few apps and just let them go. I wonder how long it will last.


  1. This post is awesome BHL. Don’t mess around and get directly to the point with it all! That income is really starting to build and grow. Love reading about AdMob in earlier comments as well. Earning income without lifting a finger is the best, isn’t it?


  2. While I don’t want to open the topic of politics, reading this post made me chuckle as I thought of Trump and the Tim Apple comment about how he did it to be more efficient and save time. Nice, short, and concise post without all the fluff. Congrats on a nice month of passive income!

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