Passive Income Received in March 2019 (+$210.97)

By | March 31, 2019

A quick break down of all passive income that I received in March 2019.

Adsense (Website) – $6.68
AdMob (Apps) – $53.55
Dividends – $150.74

Working On:
Etsy – N/A
Youtube – N/A
Affiliates – N/A
Other – N/A

Total: $210.97. Thanks for stopping by.

AdMob has been great. A large majority of that income was earlier in the month (first week of month). It seems like now my apps aren’t serving ads. I’ve tried to figure out why but it isn’t working. So I believe my AdMob income will be very low next month. Shame.

20 thoughts on “Passive Income Received in March 2019 (+$210.97)

  1. DivHut

    Nice passive income for the month considering how spread out it is. Keep growing those dividends.

  2. JC

    Nice job BHL! Over $200 and working on building up additional income sources!

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      Thanks JC. I’m slowly starting to see some really nice progression in building these passive income sources. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Dividend Daze

    Nice month. I did about the same as you dividend wise. But nice that you have a few other sources of income coming in to supplement that.

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      Thanks Dividend Daze. It’s a lot harder to predict what you are going to make. Some days I’ve made $0.02 on ads and then the next could be $4.00+ it’s very hard to predict which makes it more unstable unfortunately.

  4. Dividend--Portfolio

    Sounds like a solid month BHL. I’m still trying to cross the $150 mark in dividends. Hopefully that will happen by May. I see that you are getting income from Adsense. I only started this several months ago, but I’m within striking distance of my first $100 payout. I can’t wait. As your report reflects, multiple streams of income is the name of the game.

    1. Buy - Hold - Long Post author

      You’ll get it in no time Div Port. I have some months that deliver no dividends so that doesn’t help with consistency. Cheers

  5. Breadfire

    Do you have a link to your google play store so we can see/download your apps that you are receiving the admob revenue from?

    I’ve got a keen interest in this area so am curious to see what kind of apps are driving this return.

    Keen to hear more.

  6. Mr. Robot

    Short and sweet. $200+ is still a dream for me somewhere in the future. Hopefully your AdMobs will pick back up!


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