April 2019 Net Worth (+3.42%)

Well, I finally get one weekend home without doctors appointments, birthdays or other obligations… and I get sick! Fantastic! Dividends paid were up to $231.21 which is a 10.75% increase over last year!

Net worth increased over the month, thanks to a decent market and paying off the home loan. No surprises. I was actually happy to see an increase as we did purchase a lot of stuff for the upcoming baby. I didn’t feel like we saved a lot of money.

Turns out I did have to change the axis on the graph, broke the 75k net worth so increased the scale to 100k.

I purchased APN Asian REIT a couple months ago, this is a monthly payer so I will now have at least one dividend payer per month. I have this set to full DRP so it should increase nicely. Take a look here to see how its going.

As you can see my dividends were higher than last year, let’s keep that trend up. I love it.

Passive Income Made

Adsense (Website) – $8.64
AdMob (Apps) – $8.02
Dividends – $231.21

12 thoughts on “April 2019 Net Worth (+3.42%)

  1. Your body must be trying to force you to take a break – having no weekends free of obligations sounds horrible…

    Nice work on the dividends 🙂

    Cheers, Frankie

  2. Rest up BHL, as you’ve been doing some amazing work here! It is always a beautiful thing when you need to adjust the axis on your charts because you are busting through the ceiling! Keep up the great work!

  3. Adjusting the axis to include bigger numbers is a good problem to have, BHL. I hope to have to make an adjustment to mine soon, too.
    Congrats on the net worth and dividend income progress. It looks great. The trend is definitely up! You are quite close to $100/mo in forward dividend income. That will be nice milestone.
    More congrats for paying off the home loan and for the new baby on the way. Is it just me, or does there seem to be lots of babies having just arrived or on the way in the DGI community? Whatever it is, I know they’ll be well taken care of given the financial foundation the parents have built.

    1. Must be something in the water! Lots of dividend babies popping up recently and soon to be born. It’s a crazy time in one’s life.

      Very close to 100 a month in dividends. I could definitely invest something now and crack that 100/month but haven’t done much research as of late. Will look into it in the next month or so.


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