Video: 2 Stocks That I’m Going To Hold For 10 Years | ASX:RFF | ASX:FGX

Hi guys, something a little different. I have decided I would like to create a YouTube channel that discusses things to do with personal finance.

I would like to talk about passive income, stocks that I am holding and why I like them and overall some useful personal finance tools like how to calculate your FIRE number, Superannuation performance calculators and some tools to do with Bitcoin.

Let me know what you would like to see?

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8 thoughts on “Video: 2 Stocks That I’m Going To Hold For 10 Years | ASX:RFF | ASX:FGX

  1. Thanks .I like your channel. I have subscribed.
    I am in the same boat as you. I am a retail investor and invest with my own money.I am holding wesfarmers , Coles , computershares,Alumina ,Appen, hub24.
    These are the shares I like to hold for ever.

  2. Nice work BHL!

    My buddy Property Pete owns RFF as part of his property index ETF (although its only a tiny part of that index).

    Hadn’t heard about FXG, but love that concept of investing 1% of assets in charities each year!

    There are probably 3 in my Fund currently that I plan to hold for 10+ years – Virtus Health (VRT), Woodside Petroleum (WPL) and Platinum Asset Management (PTM). Would love to add a couple of others to the Fund at the right price…



    1. That’s great Frankie. It’s probably my most favourite share at the moment.
      I really like the concept of FGX.
      Those are all great companies. Will be interesting to see some of them in 10 years… aka WPL.

  3. Great to see this video. Thanks for sharing. I am also into the stock market holding some of the healthcare stocks such as ASX: CAN, ASX: NAN and recently purchased ASX VHT. I am planning to hold them for the long-term and hope to get a good benefit in the future. waiting for something on the helathcare sector as well.

    1. Thanks for stopping by John.
      I was hoping to do a video soon on rising population. It probably won’t touch on healthcare just yet but hopefully one day soon I can do a video on those sorts of stocks. Cheers

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